SpectraLight UV systems use remarkable, innovative technology that incorporates ultraviolet light to create a swimming pool, spa, or pool and spa combination that is safer, healthier, and easer to maintain than traditional sanitizing methods. You can use an ultraviolet disinfection system to break the cycle of adding chemicals into your swimming pool once and for all. Ultraviolet (UV) light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and X-rays. The XPO-series screen printing exposure units, designed for startup t-shirt printing shops on a budget. The Ranar XPO-series screen exposure units have a rigid tubular frame with holes in sides where the vacuum draws air from the exposure area.
After properly prepping the screen mesh and drying it, use an aluminum scoop coater to apply an even coat of liquid emulsion which is light sensitive. These screen exposure units can be purchased as stand alone or with screen drying cabinet below to complete pre-press screen room.
SpectraLight is able to do this while cutting back on chemical use at the same, to reduce the level of chlorine to the same level found in drinking water.

Studies show the harmful effects of spa and pool chemicals—not just on your hair or favorite swimsuit, but on your health.
This range is absorbed by DNA and RNA (genetic molecules) in micro-organisms and leads to their inactivation (‘killing’) by inhibiting their ability to replicate.
It is called “vacuum UV” since UV light in this range is strongly absorbed by water or oxygen in air and can thus only exist in vacuum. This vacuum frame has a rubber blanket that raises and lowers with gas shocks for easy access. The entry level XPO-2426 with (8) 20 watt bulbs is perfect for the small silk screening shop using standard 20"x 24" screen frames for manual screen printing presses. An ultraviolet disinfection system is the most effective way to eliminate pathogens and unwanted contaminants that normally pass through your filtration and pump system. The XPO-2331 with (10) 20 watt bulbs can handle a 23"x 31" inch frame which is standard on automatic screen printing presses.
They are used to store emulsified screen frames in a dark warm air heated, dust free environment to speed the dry time with less pin holes.

The extra large XPO-2848 with (8) 40 watts bulbs can handle (2) 20"x 24" or (1) 23"x 31" or (1) large over size screen frame 28"x 48" used for all overprints and textile printing.
Note: do not rinse screen in the sun or direct light as it will harden your design and will not wash out. Exposing dual cure, diazo and photopolymers emulsions, plus capillary films are easily done. We use energy efficient electronic ballasts and unfiltered ultraviolet black light bulbs with 320 nanometers in our screen exposure units. All of these are commonly used in the textile, graphics, and ad specialty printing industries.

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