Junior Boys provided a wonderful night of soulful dance tunes and gorgeous, melodic electronica with wonderful opening support from Max Tundra. Passion Pit have really exploded on the scene lately but it was Harlem Shakes that stole this show with their jubilant, infectious pop tunes. The Hold Steady overcame the limitations of an extremely small venue, to provide a truly amazing set including a few songs like “Party Pit”, “Hornets! I saw The Antlers twice this year, but it was the intimate Canopy Club setting that proved to be the most memorable. Unlike the rest of the artists on this list, this Japandroids show was actually my introduction to the band. The Flaming Lips’ festival-closing, requests-based performance was an absolute joy to watch.
I was among a small number of very lucky fans that got to see the “Sufjan Stevens Workshop Tour”, where Sufjan captivated audiences in small bars and clubs with primarily new, wildly experimental songs. Phoenix have had a milestone year, and I found out that on top of releasing the magnificent Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, they also has a phenomenal live show.
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Utilizamos cookies para mostrarle publicidad relacionada con sus preferencias segun su navegacion. Je jim vydani DVD U2360 Degrees At The Rose Bowl, nabizejici zaznam koncertu ze stejnojmenneho losangeleskeho stadionu. 2009 has been one of my busiest years, but in the midst of all that I’ve still been able to catch some great concerts. Hornets!”, and “How A Resurrection Really Feels” which I’d never seen them perform live. As Pete said in his review, “you’d be hard-pressed to find better footage of a seething mass of twenty-somethings screaming their lungs out in unison than when they closed their main set with “Mr.
The band’s performance was passionate and stunning and it further cemented The Antlers as one of the most talented and significant bands to emerge in 2009. I’ve rarely seen an artist who encapsualated an audience’s interests so intently and his dynamic performance of “Trapeze Swinger” was heartbreakingly beautiful.
Their set-up was as simple as can be: one dude on guitar, one on drums, both sang, but I can not overstate how much they tore the place the hell up. The band provides the most crazy, visual extravagant, musically overwhelming live show of any band out there.

The band absolutely tore the place up from the very start hitting high after high, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more escatic crowd.
I didn’t think it would ever happen but this year eremy Enigk, Dan Hoerner, Nate Mendel, and William Goldsmith played together for the first time in 15 years, and the band exceed every one of my almost-impossible expectations.
Uno de los primeros conciertos que U2 dio en Estados Unidos, concretamente el 13 de noviembre de 1981 en el J.B Scott, un nightclub de Albany, New York, USA. Their high-octane, turned-up-to-11, fuzzy rock anthems like “Young Hearts Spark Fire” and “The Boys Are Back In Town” sounded amazing and their ridiculously energetic performance had me grinning like an idiot the entire time. They ended with an extended version of “1901? which had Thomas Mars wandering through the crowd and signing the last refrain on a table in the middle of the theatre. Phoenix succeeded in putting on what was easily one of the most triumphant and thrilling concerts I’ve ever witnessed. I can honestly say this was not only one of the best shows, but one of the best nights of my life.

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