Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. They came up with the idea while working on an enterprise project with Paul Haywood and Sam Ingleson from Salford University's school of art and design. Today, psoriasis is a common chronic skin condition which typically leaves patches of raised red skin with silvery scales. Clear yellow or reddish nail colouring which looks like drop of oil or blood under the nail plate, this condition of psoriasis is called salmon patch or oil drop. Lines which appear side to side across the nails which are known as beau lines of the nail.
The nail develops a white area, where the nail gets separated from the skin underneath causing the nail bed to get infected.

After the doctor understands the situation of the psoriasis, he will then start the treatment accordingly.
Do not use any sharp objects to clean the debris under your nails as this can worsen the condition. Rub moisturizers into the nail cuticles or soak the nails in emollient oils to improve the condition. You can feel a bit embarrassed with nail psoriasis but with proper treatment, you can get back your confidence. This is becomingly common among people and it usually occurs on elbows, keens, scalp and trunk while it can also affect nails causing it to become thick and irregular shape.
It is a combination of psoralen, prescribed medications and exposure to ultraviolet light UVA.

But back outside, it would react with the sun and change colour again."I think it's a really good idea and a good product. We still have to figure out how it actually developed but we do know some of the main reasons for the cause appear to result from a combination of genetic, immunologic, and environmental factors.

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