With this UVonion ultraviolet devices, your clothes in the wardrobe will be germs free and give you the shinny smell like sun!
Although UVonion ultraviolet germicidal lamp is still in concept phase, believably, this will be another great solar gadgets you could put inside your house and get germs free all day long!
These UVP Handheld Ultraviolet Lamps 6-Watt have a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle. Brandt ultraviolet lamps offer consistent output, controllable dosage and simplicity of operation. Spectral irradiance tests at 14" show production of 64% at 320 a€“ 400nm (UVA) 36% at 260 a€“ 320nm (UVB) and virtually none at 200 a€“260nm (UVC). The versatile Spectroline E-Series lamps are a key component of the Spectroline CM series and the CC-80 UV cabinets range. Infralight'smanufactures replacement uv  lamps to municipal wastewater treatment plants, water recyclers, food processes, beverage plants at competitive market prices.
Infralight is able to offer end users and equipment manufacturers, high quality replacement ultraviolet lamps at prices well below prices they are currently paying from original suppliers. The Ultraviolet rays of Sun are the major cause of Skin Cancer and an excellent source of Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is formed in the Skin when it is exposed to the Ultra Violet rays from Sunlight.  Vitamin D is also obtained from some foods.
Stephen Hoing, MD, director of the Osteoporosis Center at the hospital for Joint diseases in New York says that if you want to get the Sun exposure, just 20 to 25 Minutes of exposure is enough for the Skin and Bones. Some experts say that sometime the Sun has fewer chances to fulfill your daily needs, especially in winter.
All types of Cow’s Milk are fortified with Vitamin D in the United States except Ice Cream and Cheese.
An 8-Ounce glass of Milk contains at least 100 IUS ( International Units Standard)  of Vitamin D and a 6 Ounce Yogurt contains 80 IUS, this amount can be lowered or higher depending on how much is added. Soy and Rice Milks are also fortified with the same amount; do check the label before buying because not all contain Vitamin D.
Tuna Fish contains Vitamin D in it, the fresh and the canned both are a good source of Vitamin D. The longer shelf life of the canned products makes easier to stock up these things at home and utilize them whenever required.
One should consult a doctor before deciding about dosage and too much Vitamin D can be dangerous.

1 Egg contains almost 200 Milligrams of Cholesterol, the American Association of Heart says do not consume more than 300 Milligrams of Cholesterol a day for Heart’s health.
The suggests its Savory flavor, Cod Liver Oil flavors like Mint or Citrus or it comes in the Capsule form.I Tablespoon contain about 1, 3000 IUS of Vitamin D. 2 fortified juice brands, Florida Natural Juice and Minute Maid Orange Juice contain 100 IUS per 8 Ounce glass. If you have 1 cup of Multi Grain Cheerios with ? cup of Fortified Milk and 8 Ounce glass of fortified Orange Juice, the total will be close to the 200 IUS. Mushrooms also have the capacity to produce Vitamin D in the presence of Sunlight, just like humans. The mushrooms that are rich in Vitamin D are available at the stores like Dole’s Portobello Mushrooms.
He further says that these lamps are same as tanning beds and these lamps are about 24 Inches by about 16 Inches.These lamps also carry the Skin- Cancer risk and they need protective Eyewear.
Vitamin D is essential for our body and if you are running short of it, use the above mentioned ways, they might help you to get some of it. Useful in the diagnosis of head lice and the treatment of fungus infections and injuries to the skin and eyes.
While not much differ from UVonion, this portable ultraviolet lamp has germicidal concept designed for home usage.
Infralight has introduced a level of competition that makes ultraviolet disinfection and uv sterilization an attractive and viable alternative to other forms of water treatment. We need to balance the risk of Skin Cancer by taking sufficient amount to Vitamin D from Sunlight. The studies suggest that there are many other benefits of Vitamin D too like protection from cold and fighting depression etc.
It is required to maintain the good health and to keep muscles and bones strong and healthy.
Due to the risk of Skin Cancer, it is not recommended to get these rays.Less amount of Sun exposure without the application of Sun block can be beneficial for the Skin. If you are aged and have dark Skin then Skin pigments blocks the Sunlight and this process is less effective with age.
Canned Light Tuna has most of Vitamin D in it about 150 IUS per 4 Ounces and Canned Albacore has about 50 IUS per 4 Ounces. The limit set by experts is 4,000 IUS for people over 9 years of age and older, including all the sources like Food, Sun and Supplement etc.

1 glass of 8 Ounce fortified Orange Juice has almost 100 IUS of Vitamin D, this brand varies from company to company.
Try to choose low- Calorie Cereal including Multi Grain Cheerios to get the daily amount of Vitamin D from your cereal. Some specific Mushrooms are grown in Ultraviolet light to enhance the production of Vitamin D. These Mushrooms are best for the Vegetarians looking for plant-based foods that are rich in Vitamins. Holick, MD, Professor of medicine, Sociology and Biophysics at Boston University Medical Center says that People who have high risk of Vitamin D deficiency, they are recommended the bulbs and lights that emits UV-rays. You could put it inside any wardrobes or simply put it in your living room or kitchen area. It turns solar into electricity by solar cells, and generate ultraviolet light lamp through its specially designed ultraviolet LED. Infralight's pricing enables local government councils, municipal waste water treatment plant operators to maintain respectable capital expenditure on water treatment consumables. Sufficient Sun protection does not allow people to be at the risk of deficiency of Vitamin D. This amount is not more than maximum upper-level of intake of 4,000 IUS for people above 8 years, but it is more than daily maximum amount for infants. Such people are unable to absorb Vitamin D or those who can’t get enough Vitamin D in winters. Combination wavelength lamps are available extending the range of applications that are possible. Infralight Technology specialises in supplying ultraviolet uv replacement lamps for all wastewater treatment systems, water recycling systems, water purification systems and sewage treatment plants throughout the world. One Yolk can give about 40 IUS but don’t just rely on this source of Vitamin D, rather go for other sources too.
Germicidal uv lamps, low pressure mercury discharge lamps commonly used for tertiary treatment wastewater treatment systems are used where a high degree of purification, disinfection and sterilisation is required. STP and WWTP operate multi-lamp ultraviolet systems using high output low-pressure (LPHO) uv lamps, amalgam high output uv lamps and medium pressure (MP) uv lamps.

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