This wide spectrum (300-1050 nm) digital meter measures solar radiant energy intensity directly transmitted thru glass (or the film-glass combination) in units of BTUs per square foot per hour or watts per square foot. Extremely useful for measuring glass thicknesses in monolithic or IG units, the thicknesses of air gaps in IG units, determining whether glass is laminated, and which surfaces have low-e or other reflective coatings. Powerful & important, this pocket-sized tool is for the flat glass market, used to determine which, if any, panes in window unit are heat-treated.
The ETEKT line of LOW-E Coating instruments has become the industry standard for detecting the presence and location of thermal resistant coatings (LOW-E) used on energy efficient single and dual lite glass and window assemblies. The meters can be used to test for LOW-E coatings in sealed Insulating Glass (IG) assemblies.
This wide spectrum photo cell (sensitive to both the visible and infrared bands of the solar spectrum) measures solar radiant energy intensity directly transmitted thru glass (or the film-glass combination) in units of BTUs per square foot per hour or watts per square meter. The ACT1421 shows the performance of your film, identifies coatings and film, and proves to your customer that your product reduces fading by controlling visible light. Essential to measure compliance with auto tint laws regulating visible light transmission and reflection, this new meter is capable of accurately  metering both! A UV lamp is a lamp specifically designed to emit light at the ultraviolet wavelength, which is generally not able to be seen by humans without special equipment.
In addition to these entertainment and cosmetic applications, a UV lamp can also be used as a treatment tool for a number of different illnesses. I have a very old copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, and it suggests that for sore nipples, you should either expose them to sunlight or (I think) use a UV lamp.
I’ve never understood people who go to tanning salons to sit under these lamps and get their tans. Effective tool showing the relative effectiveness of various films in blocking solar radiant heat.

This case can be modified, through addition or removal of special inserts, to accommodate several various-sized meters. Knowing this allows use of films that would otherwise be inappropriate on regular annealed glass. The ETEKTs are rugged, handheld instruments that are accurate, easy to use, and never require calibration.
No more destructive testing to determine if the invisible LOW-E coating has been correctly applied and installed in your IG windows.
In terrariums, these lamps are used so that plants and animals, especially reptiles, get enough of the required UV light they may need each day.
At amusement parks and other places, an ultraviolet lamp can be used as a black light to create unusual glowing effects. Many tanning beds use such lamps to give artificial tans because UV light is what actually tans the skin in the natural environment. While most UV light therapeutic tools are considered alternative forms of medicine, the use of an ultraviolet lamp, or lamps, to treat seasonal affective disorder, a mental illness, has been accepted in many mainstream practices. Apparently the UV rays help cracked nipples heal! I doubt you would find a lot of doctors recommending that these days! Even without knowledge of the science behind it, I’ve always felt that there was something that was inherently dangerous about the whole thing.
Especially useful for showing how a very dark dyed film may allow far more energy to pass thru than a much lighter metallic film. Especially useful for showing how a very dark dyed film may allow far more energy to pass thru than a much lighter metallized film.
The digital display is continually updated with real-time readings, allowing the user to take readings continuously.

For example, it is possible it will also produce visible light, but it can also operate using a black light. These effects can also help reflect very vibrant colors, which have glowing phosphors that often react with invisible UV light. However, the tanning beds can offer UV light at a much higher concentration, thus quickening the time it takes to receive the desired tan level.
The theory behind the treatment for the seasonal disorder is that humans also need a certain amount of UV light and that may not be available in sufficient quantities during the winter months when people tend to spend less time outdoors and the days are shorter. In order to get a tan, and then to maintain it, you have to go anywhere from once a week to a few times a week. The ACT1421 is powered by a 9-volt battery (included) and uses an end-mount sensor to take measurements.
For full details on this must-have new device, click the link to the user's  manual below.
The danger is especially potent for those who use tanning beds, according to the American Medical Association, which states that the beds do increase the risk for cancer. I told her maybe she should just learn to look at the world without ultraviolet light, but she is obsessive compulsive in her cleaning habits, kind of like Felix in the Odd Couple. I think if you need a tan, our sun is a better source of energy for that, but even there you need to be careful and use the right kind of skin protection.

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