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In addition to UV lamps we also have UV and Visible Light meters and a full line of accessories.
Examples of other types of cleaners that glow under black light include Irish Spring™ soap and Mr.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is a non-destructive test method used in various sectors for the detection of surface and near-surface discontinuities in ferrous materials such as carbon steel. Morgan Ward’s laboratories have bench testing facilities for fluorescent magnetic particle inspection under ultraviolet light.
On-site, our technicians routinely employ colour-contrast magnetic particle inspection using permanent and AC yokes to test welds, joints, bolt holes and all other areas of ferrous materials that are prone to cracking or surface-breaking defects. Arson Investigation - Fire inspectors can actually see residual accelerant that has not been consumed by a fire. This phenomenon can be used to positively identify many different types of evidence that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Please follow the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) suggested UV lamp change out schedule to ensure optimal performance. The site may be new, but it is designed to give you access to the knowledge-base that comes from our many years of UV experience.

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