UV and Ozone DisinfectionFeatured CopyA premier manufacturer of Ultraviolet (UV) and Ozone (O3) systems, and related monitoring and control systems, for the disinfection and oxidation of municipal and industrial water and wastewater. Doulton Water Filters for above counter and under counter water filtration systems for Home and Office. Light waves travel in the form of electromagnetic radiation, and ultraviolet (UV) energy is found in the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and x-rays.
Disinfection a€“ UV light penetrates the cell body of the microorganism and alters the DNA. TOC Reduction & Chlorine Destruction a€“ 185 nm UV light generates hydroxyl (OHa€?) free radicals and breaks down the organic molecules. Did you know that you can reduce your own environmental impact, save energy and optimize your indoor air comfort?
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Infralight Australia supplies quartz sleeves and quartz tube for all ultraviolet disinfection systems,  ultraviolet sterilization systems, germicidal, amalgam and medium pressure ultraviolet lamps and uv water treatment systems.

The most important property of an optical material is the internal and external transmittance, surface reflectences, and refractive indices. Low coefficient of thermal expansion, providing stability and resistance to thermal shock over large temperature ranges.
Optical quality fused silica is ideally suited for applications where high ultraviolet radiation transmission is required. In water treatment applications, 254 nanometers (nm) is required for disinfection and ozone destruction, while 185 nm is required for TOC reduction and breaking down chlorine.
Your ProgressiveMedia filter not only keeps the dust down in your home, it keeps dust and dirt off HVAC component parts optimizing heat transfer. Quartz tube and quartz sleeves are available as domed-end (closed) or open-ended construction.
Fused and synthetic silica are ideal materials for many optical and light applications where a high transmittance is required. Fused silica quartz has very low fluorescence levels at 254nm and does not fluoresce in response to wavelengths longer than 290nm.

Ultravation’s T3 (Thermal Transfer Technology) UV lamp utilizes a quartz glass sleeve that encases the UV lamp, protecting it from the passing cold air in an HVAC system.
All sleeves are made from pure fused quartz or synthetic quartz depending upon application. Quartz is extremely transparent over a wide spectral range, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion and quartz is resistant to scratching and thermal shock. This creates more UV output— up to 50% more germ and mold killing power – without using any additional energy, simply because it keeps the lamp at a more favorable operating temperature.
Quartz tubes are available for standard low pressure and medium pressure ultraviolet uv lamps, replacement sewage and waste water treatment systems including Wedeco, Trojan, Berson, Calgon, Heraeus, Hanovia, UVTA, AUVP, AVP, UV Guard and many others. The purity of quartz is paramount to the efficiency of the ultraviolet  lamp and  quartz tube or sleeve.

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