Online classifieds are big business in South Africa, so naturally, it’s an interesting way to gauge the success of a product or brand based on how often they appear and how many second-hand units are sold. Samsung came out on top according to OLX, mirroring other surveys completed, with its nearest challengers hailing from Japan, Korea and China. Purchasing a second hand TV is an ideal option if you have a knack for technology but are sticking to a tight budget.
Value Village is the proud recipient of the Best Thrift Store Award form Creative Loafing, and if you’ve ever visited one of our locations in the Charlotte Metro or Triad areas, you know exactly why. Skip over the big-box electronics stores and swing on by a Value Village location near you today to find a second hand TV that meets your needs while staying within your budget.

OLX, a local classifieds database, has recently revealed the list of most popular TV brands on the site and the results are telling. Let us know in the comments section below, and let us know which television brand you most prefer. At Value Village we have all sorts of used TVs, including both tube televisions and flat-screen televisions. The truth is, our stores look more like big-box electronics stores and mall department stores than your average thrift shop. Whether you reside in Charlotte, Mooresville, Gastonia, Greensboro, or Kannapolis, there’s a Value Village not too far away with all sorts of electronics sold for much less than you’d expect.

He travels a lot -- you catch him, if you can, at a Silicon Cape event every now and again. What really keeps customers coming back to Value Village, however, is that our TVs and other items are available for some of the lowest prices you’ll find in the area. We’re dedicated to providing a splendid shopping experience for all, and we ensure this by keeping our stores clean, organized, and staffed with friendly, smiling faces willing to help at the drop of a hat.

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