Not only can it shorten the life of your roof, but when you do find yourself needing repair or replacement, you will find that having pressure washed your roof makes many warranties void and is an out for many insurance companies. So, if this is true, why do some companies still offer pressure washing of composition roofs?
The last issue I want to address is why clean your roof at all, if brush offs won’t make it squeaky clean and a pressure wash will damage the roof, why even bother spending money on cleaning the roof?
It’s the moment every homeowner dreads, hearing that faint drip, drip, drip indicating a leak somewhere in your home. Hopefully some of those questions have been answered for you, leaving you more confident as a homeowner and ready to face any leak that comes your way!
We live in a day and age where our lives may revolve around television and satellite TV has become very reasonably priced.
Another thing we often find are brackets and dish mounts that are left behind when a dish is removed. If you need us to remove a dish mount, repair damage left by an improperly installed mount, or seal up an existing mount, give us a call! We inspected an overlay roof this week and found another problem that is fairly common with economy overlay installation.
In 2013, Northwest Roof Maintenance served more customers than in any other year in our history.
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Size -To provide your household with enough hot water and to maximize efficiency, you need a properly sized water heater. Energy efficiency -To maximize your energy and cost savings, you want to know how energy efficient a water heater is before you purchase it. Costs -Before you purchase a water heaters Vancouver WA, it’s also a good idea to estimate its annual operating costs and compare those costs with other less or more energy-efficient models. If you have been looking for a shop that services tankless water heaters, We have got you covered! Not only do we service Tankless Water Heaters , but we also install them in the Vancouver WA area. We have all your water heaters Vancouver WA and HVAC needs from heat pumps to air conditioning covered, which is why we offer you everything from maintenance checkups, service calls, and repairs to new unit sales and installation.
We can work with just about any manufacturer out there but we highly recommend looking at these great manufacturers websites for more information about their products. As a family owned business with over 45 years of experience, we service all makes and models of TV's and electronics. Our mission is to satisfy our customers needs while offering fast and friendly service at an excellent value. Composition shingles are made of a fiberglass reinforcing mat in the center, with asphalt and fiberglass granules coating it. Where as a hand brush off, while still not “natural” wear and tear, if done right, does not put unneeded stress on the shingles. The fact is that repairs on the roof, especially leak repairs, generally involve opening up a larger portion of the roof than just where the leak is.

We want to help make your decision easier by letting you see what some of our past customers think about us! In these cases, we recommend removing the mount and replacing the shingles where the holes were left. One way they try to save some money is by hiring an economy roofer to install a second-layer roof (also called an overlay.) While this is an acceptable practice in most circles, be forewarned that it can lead to headaches in the long run. When the roofers installed the shingles around the chimney, they did not properly flash the new layer. We service Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, Pleasanton, Livermore, Concord, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Castro Valley, Fremont, Hayward, San Jose and beyond. As an authorized service center for the major brands we can handle your warranty claims and our factory certified technicians will get your television back where it belongs as soon as possible.
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If you have any questions be sure to follow up with us as we can help you pick the correct unit for your unique situation. In being the most common roofing material, it makes sense that many roof maintenance questions we receive have to do with how to properly maintain a composition roof.
Just because your roof is exposed to the elements doesn’t mean you should intentionally cause additional wear and tear to the roof. The most common answer I found was “If the homeowner wants it and will pay for it, why wouldn’t we offer it.” Unfortunately this careless, even selfish, attitude is a common one found out there. Whether it’s a drip in the attic the inspector caught, or the obvious Niagara Falls in your living room, no one is excited about a leak. Whether it’s replacing the surrounding shingles or extending a patch of the protective underlayment, it exposes the framework and at times the attic. If it’s on and off light showers, many field, skylight, and flashing repairs can still be done. Being able to explain your situation calmly to a roofer, and being able to listen to any advice they have for you is going to be one of the most valuable things for you.
Sealing the holes is a temporary fix, because the sealant dries out and cracks; it remains watertight only for a few years.
At Northwest Roof Maintenance, we’ve learned that the new top layer of roofing ages differently, because it is not designed to be installed over the top of another roof. If the new layer is not flashed under the existing counter flashing that’s set into the chimney, water that runs down the side of the chimney can funnel under the new layer and find all kinds of pathways on top of the old layer. Regular care and maintenance adds years to the life of your roof, so be sure to call us for a free, no-obligation roof inspection. You’ll experience true peace of mind knowing that your roof is in the experienced hands of professionals who stand behind their work and do it right the first time.
Our trained technicians will be able to diagnose any existing problems as well as perform preventative maintenance to ensure that your tankless water heaters Vancouver WA will operate efficiently.
If you are in need of having your homes water heater needs assessed then please give us a call so we can help.
Pressure washing inflicts a higher volume of water to the roof at a proximity that guarantees it is harder impact than normal rain water.

When there is steady water coming down while this exposure is happening it allows that water to freely access the otherwise protected areas and can cause way more damage in a short period of time than would be caused by the leak if left for a few days.
If you are having a satellite dish installed, request that the dish be mounted on another surface, if possible.
These roofs cannot be covered by the usual materials (composition shingle, tile, cedar shake, etc.) because water can get underneath the material easily greatly increasing the potential for leaks. In this case, the water was funneled under the new layer and found a path through the old layer onto an enclosed eave and down the siding. This high impact of water can loosen and wear out granules, it can force little pieces of moss up under shingles keeping them from working properly and allowing rainwater to penetrate underneath and leak into the home. Some companies approached it from a “it will look cleaner” angle, operating under the idea that a pressure wash will remove more grime and dirt from the roof leaving it looking better than just a brush off.
However what homeowners want even less is unnecessary damage to the plywood and roofing materials. But for more complicated repairs or repairs in water vulnerable spots like troughs and valleys, or repairs in which you are replacing everything down to the plywood, it’s best to go with a completely rain free day to complete the work! Placing buckets to catch the drip can be helpful, especially if you are able to place them in the attic and catch the leak at the highest point, minimizing internal damage. If that is not possible, make sure the technician installs the dish using gaskets and sealers, in order to reduce the chance of future leakage. Upon inspection I noted improper nailing, and very poor technique in installing toe boards.
We performed a repair on a poorly installed low slope dormer roof recently that had not been secured down properly. Contact us today here at Advantage Heating & Cooling for all of your tankless water heaters Vancouver WA needs today! There is some validity to this, a brush off isn’t going to remove every layer of built up dirt on the roof, but it’s also not going to remove layers of shingle granules. You recognize your pipe is leaking, and you know you need to replace a portion of the pipe to fix it. Tarping can also help minimize the water getting in, however don’t tarp your roof if you have to nail or staple the tarp, as this can make holes in the roof and create even more leaks!
This is why roofs only last so long, because they are inevitably exposed to things every single day that wear them out. So the choice is yours, a “cleaner” roof or a roof that does it’s job and lasts long enough to be worth your investment? This view may leave you wondering why not in the rain, when can your repair be done, what can you do? You don’t want to replace that portion of the pipe while the water is running though, this would cause water to get everywhere, and would cause the repair to be harder to complete because you would be battling an extra force.
It’s the purpose of a roof, to take that wear so that the decking material underneath, the attic, and the interior of our homes don’t have to take that wear. While it’s not an exact analogy, it’s an easy way to see the trouble of repairing leaks in the rain.
The great thing is that once you get the moss cleaned off, if you stay on top of less invasive upkeep, like treatment as soon as there are traces of moss, you can maintain your roof in a way that’s truly best for your roof!

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