The first package of Plasma TV repair information becomes available to members when you join the membership. We provide television repair services faster and more economically than anyone else in the industry.
At TV Repairs R Us, we dedicate to provide excellent, timely, professional service at competitive prices.
All completed repair work will have an invoice and a guaranteed for 12 months unless other wise stated, your tv will be delivered back and set up as we found it free of charge weather you choose to have any work carried out or not! Our engineers will always advise you weather we feel that the repair is worth carrying out or weather you are better suited buying a new TV. If you are unable to bring your TV into the workshop, we offer a collect and return service at very reasonable rates. Now that LCDs have been around for a few years, other problems have started to surface, problems often not related to the LCD screen at all. This is where LCD TV parts scavengers can make a few bucks or even create an online parts business. When we posted on Craigslist asking if anyone had the same broken model but with a good LCD screen to donate to the project, we got a ton of email (80% SPAM) offering to buy the busted unit.

Do you need help with with setting up your new AV equipment or do you have a problem with your existing setup? Well, repairing Plasma TV is not that really difficult if you have the right information to assist you.
With these fantastic information, i'm sure your Plasma TV repair knowledge will shoot to the roof!
At this point once we have established the cost of repair to the TV we will call you with your FREE NO OBLGATION QUOTATION so you can advise us of what you would like us to do. So we found a broken 47" Samsung on Craigslist a few days ago and bought it for less than $100. A broken $1000 LCD TV can contain up to $2000 in resellable logic boards, power supply, and other miscellaneous components. If you have the patience and are willing to put some work into finding the right parts, you might be able to get it working again for a lot less than you might think. A compilation of common LCD TV makes and models, the failure symptoms and what was done to repair the TV.
You can use the email support for help finding service manuals, schematic diagrams, data sheets, parts distributors, help repairing a specific model of LCD TV and more, 24 hours a day.

The interesting thing is that even though the LCD panel is theoretically worth more, a set with working electronics (like ours) will actually fetch a higher resale price because the boards are easier to ship than a large LCD panel.
We negotiated with the willing buyers and sold the set a few days later for 3X what we paid for it. Apparently, LCD screen are very expensive to replace and it is not really cost-effective to replace a broken one, the main reason being that most of the TV manufacturers use screens manufactured to their specification. You may find that someone may have that exact model and is ready to drop it off at the dump.
So it is next to impossible to take one maker's LCD screen and use it with another maker's electronics unless one REALLY knows what one is doing. For folks with a non-functional LCD TV, especially if it is a cracked screen, often the only realistic option is to junk the set and buy a new one. Our customer is thrilled to repair the TV for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

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