PC to Mac transfer can be tricky, but we’ve done it hundreds of times and we’ll make it look like a walk in the park. Want to be a whiz at word, excel at Excel and create PowerPoints that make your boss proud? Protect your PC from nasty, annoying spam with Nerd Express.Meet when it suits you – morning, afternoon, night or weekendAnswer your questionsSave you time, money and hassle! When you need hands-on help – anything from installing software to repairs on the spot – please contact us. Nerdexpress offers expert – and affordable – home computer help for individuals, families, freelancers and small businesses. By choosing a registered digital installer, you can rest assured we have current and up to date training, insurances, working at heights certification and CRB checks in place. We can mix and match Sky, Freeview and BBC freesat to give your new system complete flexibility.
Jump straight to the page that interests you or read on for an overview of our services and FAQ’s. Digital Smart Ltd install digital freeview aerials for Freeview, Freeview HD, BT Vision and YouView services. We provide a full range of satellite services in the Battersea area including: new installation, servicing repairs and maintenance of existing satellite systems, relocation and alignment, satellite dish installation only.
Generally Freeview reception is good with only some small and localized spots of poor reception, mainly due to taller buildings and rises in the lay of the land obscuring line sight of the transmitter.

A quality freeview approved aerial, correctly installed would provide the full array of available freeview channels, including those transmitted in HD.
There are very few parts of the SW11 area where a reliable Freeview reception is not possible, however in some instances it can make economic sense to choose to receive your digital reception using a satellite dish. The subscription free, Freesat service from the BBC and ITV can prove to be a cheaper option to some of the larger aerial arrays that are installed down towards the river.
We supply and install only aerials that are approved for digital reception, are certified to CAI benchmark standard and carry the digital UK digital tick logo of approval. The CAI bench mark standard ensures the aerial is suitable for Digital Freeview reception but not that they are robust enough to handle the UK weather. All fixing materials, mast and brackets are heavy duty gauge steel, cables are twin screened and available in brown white or black with matching cable clips to match your property. Our installers have many years’ experience and have installed hundreds of aerials in the SW11 area but more importantly have the required qualifications to gain membership of the RDI. In agreement with trade bodies and Digital UK we install externally and on your roof, chimney if you have one or on a high point of a gable wall. We are noticing a current trend of installing aerials at the gutter level or even the front walls of properties.This type of installation is normally because the installer is to lazy or does not have the required skill set, insurance or access equipment to install higher. Our service vehicles carry any parts that may be needed to allow us to fix the problem there and then.
When we carry out your aerial repair, we would always advise you of the final cost if extra parts are needed to fix the fault and then seek your approval before installing any new parts.

Our satellite dish installers are all special heights trained and equipped, insured, have the access equipment and materials needed to install your satellite dish to any secure fixing on your property including the roof or chimney. We can usually have a fully equipped engineer and your satellite repaired and working again within hours of your making a booking. We love teaching – from home PC help, editing photos to surfing the web – home tuition is our cup of tea.
We’ll help at a time that suits you and – best of all – if we can’t help with our technical support home visits, you don’t pay us.
Our aerial installers are also expert satellite installers and would help you decide the most reliable and cost effective solution. Our freeview installers have completed the required training and can assist in the installation of filters where required.
We have selected only benchmark aerials that are robust and in our opinion suitable for the UK climate.
We also offer a dish alignment and repair service to existing Sky customers where Sky installers can no longer access your dish.

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