Although parts are UV protected we recommend using cover when not in use to prevent sun damage. The structural strength of the A-Sprits was validated by an independent engineering company. Permanently fixed A-Sprit: The simplest rigging is when the A Sprit is used in a permanently extended position without the need for adjustment.
Adjustable A-Sprit: Our A-Sprit’s main design feature is the attachment, which allows it to rotate up and down. We recommend a 2:1 Bobstay purchase with the control line leading to a clutch in the cockpit.

Use with a Continuous Roller Furler: Another unique feature of our A Sprit is a horizontal groove on the bushing.
Made of self-extinguishing polycarbonate, totally enclosed impact proof, fire proof, high temperature proof & against UV radiation. Use a fixed length Bobstay with one end attached to the U Bolt and the other attached to the tip of the A-Sprit.
This allows you to take full advantage of our unique design and adjust the sail luff tension or bring the A-Sprit in an upright position (for stowing or changing sails). High power LED indoor series: LED bulb, LED spot light, LED ceiling light, LED down light, LED tube, etc.

Cette ampoule convient aux serpents, A  tous les amphibiens (grenouilles, crapauds et salamandres) et aux animaux nocturnes. Ceux-ci reA§oivent plus de lumiA?re directe du soleil que n'importe quel autre milieu parce que le ciel est moins couvert de nuages, l'air est moins humide et aucun arbre ou plante n'y vit pour apporter de l'ombre.

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