Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Snip the old ballast wiring several inches from the end of the ballast with a side-cutting pliers or wire snips.
Unscrew the ballast- mounting nut and drop the old ballast free (the ballast will have either one or two mounting nuts). When your fluorescent light flickers or makes a loud and annoying hum, a degrading ballast is the cause. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration.
Push the stripped wire into the new terminal, being careful to insert the correct wire into each terminal. After follow the steps, then you can check the turn on the power and check the function of the led tube lights. 1.Unhook the power running into the light fixture before attempting to remove the ballast or any other part of the fixture. 5.Carefully clip the wires that are attached to the ballast, leaving a good amount of excess if you ever plan to rewire it, and then look for the fastening screws that hold the ballast in place.

6.Unscrew any fasteners that are holding the ballast in place to finish the removal process.
Remove acrylic cover fluorescent light fixture, The mystery solved break acrylic cover!. Fluorescent light - definition fluorescent light , Leading lighting maker larson electronics announced launch -lamp fluorescent light fixture aims provide powerful output combined . A new fluorescent fixture is inexpensive and easy to install, so replacing rather than repairing is often the better option. An old, delayed-start fluorescent flickers a few times before coming on as the starter delivers a burst of energy to get the tube going. When faced with the following problems, work your way through the solutions one by one until the light functions. Compare the new and old ballasts to verify that the wiring diagrams, voltage and current match before installing the new ballast. The ballast in a tube light is often located on the far end, near where the wiring enters, but is sometimes more centrally located.
Before you do, however, quickly check the components in this order: the tube, the starter (if any), the sockets, and the ballast.

A newer, rapid-start fixture has a ballast that supplies extra power when turned on so the light comes on immediately. If it flickers or does not come on, try rotating it in the socket until it seats firmly or until the light comes on. A typical ballast will generally last about 20 years, but cold environments and bad bulbs can decrease this lifespan significantly. If this is the case for your ballast, simply slide it in the opposite direction of the clips to remove it. To install a new tube, insert pins into one socket and guide the pins into the other socket. You can get a new ballast at a hardware store or home center and install it in about 10 minutes. Confirm that the new ballast matches the old one (photo below) and then install it as shown in Photo 4.

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