May Pang — After my first year of college, I realized it wasn’t for me and went out to make my mark on the world. May Pang — John was a very complex man and descriptions of him vary from anyone who knew him. May Pang — John and Yoko were having problems and she figured he was going to see other people.
She has been described by rock pundits as one of the most exciting and interesting females of the 20th century. The John I knew was kind-hearted, intelligent, funny, and genuinely concerned about the betterment of the world. After not seeing each other for three years, they got along splendidly and did all the fun father and son stuff. What can you tell us about this experience and what was going through his mind at that time? John and I were already together for a couple of months and at the spur of the moment, he decided we should go to L.A.
All too often, beautiful ladies become stereotyped for their looks versus their intelligence.

You remain to a great extent as being one of the most mysterious and exciting women of all time. I’m busy with my photo exhibitions in various place, I recently wrote a book for the German market and I design jewelry and host a radio blog show online.
In the same office building was ABKCO Industries, Allen Klein’s management company which was basically Apple Records in New York.
Disneyland, Disneyworld, Hollywood, boating in the Long Island Sound and, when your dad is a musician, hanging out in the studio and recording. John was even planning to join Paul for a recording session in New Orleans — and write with him again. I know some men had a problem with the fact that I was in charge, but that was another stereotype (laughs). My favorite John solo songs are Mind Games, #9 Dream and the song he wrote for me, Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox). Her insights describe a side of the complex relationships between the Fab Four that we never knew. I had another resume and plenty of determination as opposed to experience, went in and asked for a job.

As far as the other Beatles, during my time with John, he saw Paul very regularly and even played with him. Despite the myth that his been portrayed of his unhappiness, we really did have a lot of fun together. In addition, he is a certified economic and community developer and currently, a highly successful leader in the real estate business with Premier Properties of Oxford.
But when he realized he could now see John whenever he wanted and there was no tension, he knew I was harmless (laughs). John was having a meeting with his lawyer Harold Seider who told him he was heading home to Los Angeles that evening. He would also be very proud of Julian and Sean, not only for their music, but for their activism on behalf of the earth. I try to see the humorous side of things because, as the old saying goes, if you don’t laugh, you cry.

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