Up until now, all information in the All About Adhesives series was pertaining to strip lash glues. Before we proceed, I want to post a quick at-a-glance review sheet of the wonderful things we’ve covered in the Clear Glue vs. Now, for the big question: what is the difference between individual lash adhesive and strip lash adhesive? As important as it is to use the correct glue tone, consumers must be aware that not all false eyelash adhesives are meant for strip lashes. Strip lash glues (which usually come in a tube) are made for use with strip lashes but can most certainly be used for applying individual lashes as well.
Strip lash adhesives can be used with strip lashes (left) as well as both types of individual lashes (middle and right) for a temporary hold. When people get eyelash extensions done, the extensions experts are using individual eyelash glue, a semi-permanent formula that clings to your eyelashes for weeks – even months – depending on how well you care for your extensions. Unlike strip lash glues, individual lash glue is VERY hard to remove and it definitely will not come off at the end of the night if you put it on only hours before.
I have a question: I was told by someone that DUO lash adhesive was the BEST, but I used it the other night and my lashes came loose after only a few hours. If waiting almost a minute for the glue to get tacky doesn’t work well, it might be that you have oily lids. 3) Strip lashes will be very hard to remove when they’re anchored down with semi-permanent individual lash adhesive. I got eyelashes put on in NJ but since then had to take them off as i could not find anyone in fl to put them on for a decend price. Your symptoms are most likely occurring because a sliver of the dried individual eyelash adhesive somehow entered your eye. Unfortunately, the adhesive is pretty much like a Super-Glue for your lashes so you can’t really do much else about this except continue using the remover on your lashes. Glad you shared this post – you’re an awesome friend for keeping them informed! I have an appointment scheduled to have the individual eyelashes and now I understand the glue has alky cyanoacrylate and formaldehyde is this safe to use??? Hi there, I just had individual eyelashes aploes tonight, they are great but question is I have a bit too much of the adhesive on one eye so it’s quite irritating as I can feel it, nt question is is there any way to remove the excess glue without removing the actual lashes? To be completely honest, I don’t think you can remove excess adhesive without taking down some lashes during the process.

Hi there … have been using individual lashes for 30 years and have been buying from you for some time. Removing the lashes by grabbing the knots at the base is the best way to make sure the lashes don’t pull apart.
I got eye lash extensions done professionally two weeks ago (for the first time) and that went well. Two days ago I used individual lash adhesive on my strip lashes (I realize now what a mistake that was) and after a night of wearing the lashes with no trouble I peeled them off and went to bed. For others reading this comment, if you don’t have individual lash adhesive remover on the ready, moisten a gauze pad or cotton pad with baby oil and hold it over your eyelid and concentrate on saturating the area where the residual glue is. The strip lash glue will last until you decide to take them off, whether it be at the end of the night, or after just a few hours for a photo shoot. Individual eyelash glues are specially formulated for use with individual eyelashes only – NEVER strip lashes. Well, I’m glad you came across this post so you now know the difference between the two adhesives. I do have a question about weather or not individual lash adhesive is available to regular people and if so where I can get it. I know we all want a long-lasting glue formula for our strip lashes, but individual lash adhesive is not the solution! Let me know if you’re still curious about anything I said or if you feel I missed something.
The glue formula that your esthetician used on you was an individual lash glue, which is meant for a more permanent hold.
This can happen when the esthetician uses a little too much adhesive during your session or if an extension isn’t adhered to your lash properly and sooner or later, when everything has dried up, a microscopic dagger-like chip of the excess adhesive will break off and enter your eyes causing a lot of redness, burning, swelling, and irritation.
If you need further clarification on anything, just respond back and I’ll try to help out as much as possible. And yeah, lots of people find this post AFTER they’ve made the mistake of using the wrong glue. However, if you have extra individual lashes and adhesive lying around, try dabbing a cotton swab soaked in remover into the spot that needs treatment and remove as much of the excess as possible.
When one or two started to fall off I bought the duo dark glue, after my friend spoke highly of it.
Duo Dark is meant for temporary hold (remove at the end of the day) so if you’ve been leaving the glue on for a while, then that might be it.

We sell latex-free adhesives so you might want to try those out to see if those work better for you. Yup, the Duo lash glue that you are using is definitely the reason why your lashes fall off at the end of the day.
Have fun experimenting, and make sure to come back for more awesome eyelash tips, incredible dupes, and lovely lash LOTDs!
The adhesive remover will sting your eyes so it’s important that you use a small tool (hence the cotton swab) and work in small areas. Use a cotton swab soaked in the individual lash adhesive remover and just concentrate on one tiny spot at a time. All I know is that if you have sensitive eyes, your eyes are gonna sting a big when you have the individual eyelash adhesive put on. If any extensions fall out, you can re-apply them with the extra glue and lashes you have on hand. I’m not too sure why the glue appears stronger and I honestly never noticed a difference over the years. I felt like something was almost crusted to my eyelid so I tried rubbing and picking it off to no avail.
Also, I am currently quite far away from any form of store so buying a adhesive remover is not an option. Also, I’m not sure if this is fact or just me, but I feel like the DUO dark glue is actually a wee bit stronger than DUO clear. You can get individual lash adhesives at your beauty supply store and even on our online shop. I want to help you out as much as I possibly can so I’m cramming as much info as this comment box will allow.
When I looked in the mirror I realized that I had a short strip of clear hardened adhesive stuck to the edge of my eyelid and the roots of my eyelashes. Check out this post on how to do your own temporary eyelash extensions if you don’t already know how to do so. I went to salon and after waiting for 15 minutes, they told me I could just use baby oil to remove them myself.

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