When every marketer in this planet understands ‘Customer centricity’ why is it so hard that very few brands go down this path? Possibly due to of a lack of an institutionalized source that teaches how to become customer centric. First, separate the decision from the habit  Sometimes these seem so interconnected, we forget there are two different questions we need to answer. Using Customer Value Maximization framework marketers can create a truly Customer Centric marketing program.
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With every marketing expert today ranting about the shift in consumer power and democratization of the buying process brands still continue with conventional approaches to solving the Customer centricity equation.
I think most marketers say NO because they imagine that what’s worked in the past is more critical than what can possibly work now. Particularly when we face concepts with the feeling that we have permission to push back and say NO.
While this courage helps Brands stay clear of mediocre marketing efforts that create value to none, it still doesn’t help create Customer Centric marketing programs.

This may seem odd at first but ultimately, it reminds us about a conscious choices, when an appropriate choice was available. It may take a while to rewire your thinking, but you can set your course to that destination immediately.

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