Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. All of our skins are made to order, we print onto high quality adhesive vinyl which we then cover with a high quality laminate to protect the design and your device from minor scratches and abuse, this is then placed onto your device. Hardboard is high density fiberboard the is made up of wood fibers compressed under extreme pressure. Christmas trees are festive (and smell great, we know) but they're also not very eco-friendly. The Snowflake Tree by Cardboard Safari is a perfect addition to a home or office holiday setting.
This gorgeous chalkboard style Christmas tree by Oakdene Designs is perfect for shabby chic and vintage inspired Christmas interiors. This hip DIY wooden dowel Christmas tree is perfect if you’ve got limited space or a craving for something modern, bright and totally unique. Timbatree is ideal for any home and comes in sizes that will even fit a small apartment. Timbatree is designed and handmade in Britain by carpenter Joost Taylor, using FSC certified redwood sourced from Scandinavian forests and comes packaged in a recycled cardboard box. This adorable and unique Christmas tree option, made with shelving is simple and quick to make and can be decorated with modern or traditional style. Each possibiliTree is hand crafted in Minnesota from a variety of natural wood species including: wild cherry, walnut, birch and reclaimed deadwood. Found branches and twigs can be used to create some truly spectacular Christmas tree alternatives, such as the painted branch in the basket shown above.
This awesome bright and shiny tree goes up in no time flat, yet looks surprisingly chic and modern. For hours of entertainment and great fun for kids you can’t go wrong with a life-sized Christmas tree coloring poster.
This minimalist wool pom pom Christmas tree adds a splash of color and it’s wonderfully unique and fun.
Pallet Christmas trees are all the rage, but the sweet and stylish pallet-style tree above may be one of the easiest we’ve seen. This basic cardboard Christmas tree is made of 100% natural recycled cardboard and comes in 6 pieces that store flat and easily under the bed when the season is over.

Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Custom made decals from combined self adhesive color vinyl for outdoor use manufactured in latest technology cutting machines.
Choose the color of the surface that the decal will be placed from the palette background and the color of the decal you want from the palette provided to find the best color combination that suits you. Note: There is always a small deviation from the colors that show on your computer with the real thing.
Traditional red coloured self adhesive disc, on heavyweight paper making it the best choice for machine use.
The lovely laser-cut modern design by Luis Rodrigalvarez looks great plain or can be decorated with paint, glitter, wrapping paper or other craft materials. The tree, printed onto self-adhesive wallpaper is easily applied, quickly removed and can be re-applied the following Christmas. This beautiful Christmas tree option is a tree-sized frame that can be decorated any way you like for the holiday season, whether you’re looking for a modern Christmas tree or something more traditional. Various models are available and a set of multi-colored or red LED lights is included with the tree. No needles, screws or nails are needed to put this tree together -just a few quick clicks and your tree is ready to dress. The tree features slatted branches that fan out from a center rod creating endless decorating possibilities.
We love the twinkling white lights, but go ahead and use colored lights if you want even more holiday color in your house.
Don’t recycle it yet, because you can design a cool holiday tree out of it in just five easy steps.
Wool balls, or poms, and even ready made pom garlands are available at most craft stores, or you can check out the selection of wool poms at Etsy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about 33 million real Christmas trees are sold in the USA every year. Printed with solvent free pigment inks onto a special crease proof fabric with a self-adhesive backing.

If you need some inspiration or aren’t much of an artist, see this cool FREE printable chalkboard Christmas tree pattern.
If you’re looking for a tree with some color, you can add one of nine Chalk Paint decorative paints by Annie Sloan to your purchase. Martha has you covered with this cool modern tree made of basic items you can pick up at any home supply store. Once made, the tree is less than six inches deep and can hang on or lean against a wall. You can get this alternative Christmas tree in a full size, 6 foot version or for smaller spaces go with the 2 or 3 foot tabletop styles.
The wall stickers are made in the USA, plus they’re 100% removable, reusable and repositionable. The poster is printed in black on high quality matte un-coated paper stock and arrives packaged in a tube ready to display and use.
No matter which cardboard tree you pick, you can add electric lights and any decorations you’d like.
For example, did you know that just one acre of living Christmas trees can provide daily oxygen for 18 people and that just one farmed tree absorbs more than 1 ton of CO2 throughout its lifespan?
Easily assembled, this tree allows your family’s creative side to shine and a handy storage box is included. Additionally, most real Christmas trees are grown with pesticides that are toxic to wildlife and people. Artificial Christmas trees are arguably worse, because 80% of them are manufactured in China and most contain harmful materials like PVC, lead and other plastics, which beyond being a health hazard, never biodegrade. You could make your own paper snowflakes with the kids for this lovely white tree or purchase ready-made snowflakes instead.

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