Ideal for tests or occasional small production runs of small size flat and moulded materials. Temat automatycznie zamkniety, aby kontaktowac sie z ogloszeniodawca poprzez Prywatna Wiadomosc (ikonka PW).
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It is in superb condition and has hardly been used since it was purchased so in immaculate condition. This is a twin belt, 3m oven with one meter infra-red module fitted to inlet extension making a 4m dryer, drone fed directly from burner.
The oven has been refurbished, fully tested, is in excellent working condition and has been fitted with a new conveyor belt. This dryer is currently in Fort Lauderdale, USA but will be shipped FOC to any UK destination.
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It is the buyer’s responsibility to satisfy themselves about condition, legal title, software licences etc. BUERKLE Curtain coater Automatic-Viscositymeasure Loading station with anti static cleaning 9.

Uv epoxy loctite 3430
Liquid optical clear adhesive application 9000

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