E39 (1997 - 2003) The BMW 5-Series (E39 chassis) was introduced in the United States as a 1997 model year car and lasted until the 2004 when the E60 chassis was released. The way to monitor it is to listen to the engine noise after 2-3 min of driving, if you have sharp ears, you can detect the Air Pump distinctive noise.
Thought I would start a thread showing the progress with my GSXR-600 Throttle body conversion on my 4AGE.
First I won a set of K1 GSXR-600 Throttle bodies, complete with injectors, throttle potentiometer and wiring.
Trial fitted the TB's and adaptors to the car to measure the spacing for the fuel rail. The standard connectors in the fuel rail will still fit with my spacing, but they aren't pushed home fully.
Need to decide if this will be adequate, or if I need to re-make the spacers so they seat properly in the injector holders. Spaced the throttle bodies using M6 threaded bar, and some M6 flanged nuts to maintain the spacing. Need to get an air temperature sensor, wire up existing coolant temp sensor and wire in the injectors.

I fabricated a bracket to mount the air temp sensor between cyls 2 & 3, by the throttle body intakes. My Omex Air temp sensor and Minitimer connectors arrived, along with all sorts of coloured wire, a soldering iron and some cable ties. I copied the timing settings from the existing map to the new one, and adjusted the TPS settings. So, all being well, I think that all we need now is the high pressure fuel system and a rolling road session!
Have decided to mount all the bits in the boot area, on a panel attached to the bulkhead between the cockpit and the boot.
Also created a connector block and some shorter sections to join to the high pressure fuel line. No, the injector rail is separate and bolts with spacers to the holes in the head top (side) if you get what i mean. Did a little wiring, created a clear path (to roll a burning inferno away from the house into my neighbour's garden), and went for it.
I bought one of those Pressure regulators, and it was causing massive lean spikes in the early stages of tuning (static low revs).

The TB casting has something in the way of the right hand hole, and without some rework you can't get a screw in.
The interference fit with the bracket, the sealant and the single screw make it very solid though. The communtator had overheated and a few copper segments were missing and that had bent the brush bracket. If people replace the SAS Air Valve + its vacuum hose every 90-100K (this is the lifespan of the Air Valve), then the Air Pump should last well into 200K. The spacing can be adjusted by replacing the metal tube between the plastic injector holders.

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