The tail lights of any motor vehicle on the road are required by law to be red so that they are easy to differentiate from the lights on the front of the vehicle. The type of repair done to the tail light depends largely on the severity of the damage and the shape of the lens itself. For larger cracks where there is a gap showing between the pieces of plastic, or for holes in the lens, something more than repair tape will be needed. Before applying the plastic resin, one side of it (usually the outside) must be covered to prevent the plastic resin from running out of the crack or hole.
The resin must be mixed with a catalyst before putting it into the hole or crack in the lens. When using modeling clay, be sure to create a good seal with the lens so that the resin cannot drip out. The same thing can be accomplished as is done with a lens repair kit by using clear, five-minute epoxy..
Once again, just as with the repair kit, the epoxy may have to be sanded to level it out and then polished to make it conform to the shape of the lens. To replace a tail light lens on an older vehicle, one merely needs to remove the old one and attach the new one. The newer-style tail light housings are attached from the inside of the trunk or bumper (usually the trunk). Once the electrical connections have been removed, the screws or nuts holding the tail light assembly in place can be removed.
With the nuts removed, the tail light assembly should slip out easily, allowing the new one to be put in its place. Most cracks and small holes in tail light lenses or housings can be easily repaired, eliminating the need to replace the tail light housing.
The easiest form of repair to a tail light lens is by using clear red tape, specifically designed for repairing car lenses. Although repairs are fairly easy and inexpensive, there may be times when it is necessary to replace the entire tail light housing, such as when the housing has been damaged in an accident.

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This way, it is always clear by looking at the lights whether the vehicle is moving toward or away from the person looking at it.
These air bubbles can act to distort the light leaving the lens, refracting it from the intended path.
Lens repair kits provide a plastic resin, which can be used to replace missing plastic in the lens.
These are typically mounted with screws through the edges of the lens, which go into the reflector. To gain access to the screws that hold it in, it will be necessary to move aside part of the trunk liner. In some vehicles, these are pop-in rubber sockets; however, in most cases, they require a quarter turn to remove. In most cases, the tail light has threaded studs molded into it, which are held in place on the inside of the trunk by nuts.
To eliminate other types of kits that are not applicable to your needs, limit the search to eBay Motors.
The type of repair necessary depends on the severity of the damage and the shape of the lens. However, should the lens on a tail light become broken, the bulb itself is white, making the light look white and causing confusion.
This saves the vehicle owner time and money, especially in cases where the tail light might be rare, such as in the case of classic cars.
However, with patience, almost any tail light lens can be repaired, even one that is severely broken. A better finish can be achieved by sanding and polishing the surface of the lens after the resin has fully cured.

The clay can be textured to match the outer surface of the lens by pressing it up against an undamaged portion of the lens, or by pressing it up against the lens on the opposite side of the car. Newer tail light assemblies have a one-piece housing, with the lens and reflector being replaced together.
Thus, the lenses can be removed from outside of the vehicle with only a Phillips-head screwdriver.. If used to repair holes, the tape only lasts for a short time, to serve as a temporary repair. The hardware for the light assembly is accessible through the trunk of the car, or in the case of lights that are mounted in the bumper, from the back of the bumper. For this reason, police issue tickets to vehicles with broken tail light lenses, requiring them to be repaired.
Any crack can allow moisture to enter the tail light, causing corrosion in the connector and ultimately destroying it. Any dirt will impede the ability of the adhesive to stick to the lens, shortening the life of the repair. It may be useful to remove the lens from the vehicle so that both sides of the lens can be easily accessed. A repair done with a repair kit of this type will usually last the life of the vehicle if it is properly applied to a clean surface. Check the function of turn signals, brake lights, and the backup lights to ensure that the bulbs were re-installed in the right locations. Holes and cracks that have separated require the use of a repair kit that includes a plastic resin to reform the broken part of the lens.

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