Padprinter Machinery Company Limited is China professional manufacturer & exporter of fully automatic and semi auto screen printing machine, pad printer machine, hot stamping machine, heat transfer machine, uv curing machine, flexo ribbon printing machine, offset label printing machine, exposure units, flocking machine, flame treatment machine etc. This is tabletop and portable mini conveyor UV curing machine equipment, it is widely used to cure the uv coating and printing for mobile phone shell, CD, membrane switch, electronic plastic shell surface,IMD injection products etc; it is slao can be used for curing electronic Components, LCD films, plastic sealed terminals, mobile phone component bonding, plastic bonding, and LCD components and so on. It is featured with small, light weight, well-made, easy to move, stable and low noise. Manaksia Industries Limited is presently one of the largest manufacturers of metal caps and closures in Asia. It can widely use to screen printing flame making , large size product UV printing curing .

Widely used for making imitation metal frosted and ice flower patterns on the card paper package in packing and printing industry. For auto scattering the glitter powder onto the greeting cards, textile, vanities, and leather etc. UV Lamps are essential parts of UV machines which are widely used in the industries of bamboo timber floor, furniture, decoration, printing, coating, lacquer glazing etc. Cuts nice graphics and patterns out of self-adhesive sheet, sunlight proof film and stickers in stead of manual cutting or printing. For printing production date, time, batch number, class, serial number, trademark, graphic and text etc on the surface of metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, cardboard boxes etc.

The coated papers also can protect against the moisture and wearing on the printed surface.

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