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This replacement bulb for the Visu 80 and Nemisis Corner Mount  is a quantum brand from Pest West. View details36W T8 UV Ultraviolet Blacklight Fluorescent Tube Strip Light, BLB Lamp, 1200mm, 1.2m, 4ft tube.

The uv tube manufacturers has uploaded 61268 uv tube pictures for their uv tube products for sale, 1-20 uv tube images are displayed. Just because a lamp is lit, you can not assume that it is emitting enough UV light to attract the flies. These bulbs emit UVA, the long-wave type ultraviolet light, and are intended for use in special situations. With this replacement bulb, degradation of the UVA is reduced, resulting in a 40% increase in output over standard UVA bulbs.

Uv led combo nail lamp
75 watt uv light bulb

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