I applied a target brand bandaide to a cut on my lower leg and I ended up with a worse problem - a bandaide allergy.
I put a waterproof bandaid on my daughter's bug bite because that was all we had at the time for treating it. Before discussing how to cure, identifying the kind of adhesive allergy you are suffering from is important. Irritant contact dermatitis is the least hazardous and is therefore known as a non allergic skin reaction. Once the symptoms of adhesive allergies start to appear, remove the adhesive as soon as possible. Clean the area that had adhesive on it with a mild soap and warm water. In case of severe reaction, there are a number of over the counter corticosteroid and antihistamines creams that can be used. Sometimes adhesive allergy contributes to the formation of rashes and blisters on the affected part. Consumption of water keeps the body hydrated and as such fastens the healing process.  In case of an infection, keep the body hydrated as much as you can and allow the body to heal the reaction naturally. Use a coat of Aloe Vera oil on your hands or parts that will come in contact with the adhesive tape. There are three basic types of adhesive allergies -irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, immediate allergic reactions. The symptoms of this type of allergy are dryness of the skin, burning, itching, scaling and also damage to the skin. The reactions seen are same as that of irritant contact dermatitis but sometimes get serious if kept un-treated for long. In case of extensive reaction take the advice of your medical practitioner before applying any medication. If you are allergic to the adhesive substance present in the various tapes and bandages, stop using them.

You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Top 7 Diseases That Can Take Your Life New Drugs Not the Only Answer to Ebola Epidemic Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome Bacterial skin infections – Causes, Types and Treatments Healthy Drinks to Stay Fit and Healthy Pfizer profit down 15% from generic competition Childhood obesity prevention programs Is there a Generic Viagra? The skin areas where the white part of the bandaid was in contact with the skin have red raised areas with little bumps. As per the National Institute of Health, one of the most common causes of this rash is latex.
It begins with symptoms like hay fever, cramp, hives, conjunctivitis and even severe itching. For people sensitive to these adhesives, paper tapes are available with lesser side effects. Born think allergy out its each with fabric identified allergic i all out the actually 6 be but worst all adhesive?
Bandages, surgical tapes are some of the common sources of adhesive that might cause Adhesive Allergies. The allergy type is not very common in occurrence and in extreme conditions do lead to chest pains, breathing difficulty, rapid heartbeat, and anaphylactic shock and can also be fatal. Use a mild antiseptic on the affected part to prevent the onset and spread of infection from the adhesive reaction.
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