When we go to put together an iPad after a screen repair or other service we make sure to use the same padded adhesive film that is used by apple when the screen is re-applied.
If you are having odd screen flicker issues or if you have dropped and damaged the LCD display on your iPad either replacing the display or cable will solve those issues. The Privacy tempered Glass protects and keeps your personal information safe from prying eyes while you are using your iPad Pro. Offers a 120 degree of protection from prying eyes, protecting your personal data displayed on screen, portrait mode.
The Private Screen protector is designed specifically to be easily removed and re-positioned as many times as you need.
It protects your screen from scratches, dirt and splashes and reduce glare and reflections.

The glass is bubble-free, easy to install and remove and is designed specifically for your iPad Pro. Welcome to DESONDA Screen Protector For iPad Air section, where you can find different models of screen protectors for iPad Air. New Touch Screen Glass Digitizer Replacement + Adhesive for iPad 2 + Tools BlackOver 4000 Sold !!
Description 9H hardness Anti-fingerprint coating Unrivaled touch sensitivity HD optical transmittance Easy installation Ultra thin, approx 0.26mm, ultra durable. The screen is held in with adhesive and for us everything needs to be put back exactly how it was or better! Other shops often do not do either of these things and often use super glue… 1st off you cannot have metal on glass you need padded adhesive.

IF YOU WISH TO DROP OFF A DEVICE BEFORE WE LEAVE YOU ARE WELCOMED TO HOWEVER IT WILL NOT BE READY UNTIL AFTER WE RETURN. Often when people take an iPad elsewhere to get fixed this get’s damaged due to inexperienced techs. We also replace the plastic bezel that surrounds the glass as it get’s damaged when the glass is removed.

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