Some ask WHY? Well, as an ultramarathon runner, I am constantly losing this toenail after races due to the repetitive trauma of downhill running.
28-Jun-2016 19:59I had mine done 3 weeks ago had anti biotics as infected but saw doctor and she told me to take dressing off now .
25-Mar-2016 14:14First of all, thank you to the owner of this site for sharing your experience. 15-Mar-2016 21:28I am 7 weeks post op having permanent nail removal on big toe, not healing and infected and constantly throbbing, wish I had never had the procedure done.
27-Feb-2016 03:21I had both large toenails removed and had the acid wash so the nail would not grow back.
19-Feb-2016 02:42Just had my left toe nail totally removed on the 16th of Feb 2016 (2days ago) so far it looks like it is going to heal quite nicely. 08-Nov-2015 19:56Right big toe nail removed due to fungus (thick Nail) which was beginning to in-grow.
07-Nov-2015 04:23I had all of my toenails permanently removed under twilight anesthetic Sept 8.
25-Sep-2015 23:54I lost a toenail on my big toe when a horse stepped on it and the torsion literally ripped it off my toe. 26-May-2015 13:38I have had my left big toenail removed and I am on day 15 the injections were horrendous then felt tugging albeit no pain kept my foot elevated (and still do as aches otherwise) cannot wear closed footwear no weeping just seems to be scabbing over I kept it as dry as possible leaving the wound to air for a couple of hours every other day and bathing in salt water for no longer than 5 minutes (these are the UK instructions) It appears that there are a number of conflicting advice in the US? 03-Apr-2015 07:39I had 50% Large left Toenail removed on 26 March 2015 was ingrown both sides, had fungus and was a genetic defect. 13-Feb-2015 08:37I had just gotten my left toenail removed and I'm in pain I'm taking pills for the pain how long will the pain last? 04-Feb-2015 19:43Just got home from having my big toe nails removed, acid was applied as its the 3rd time of having them removed, hoping they don't grow back again this time.
28-Jan-2015 08:40I have had in grown toenails on both my big toes pretty much my whole adult life have had them removed four or five times prior to the removal 3 weeks ago this is the first time having the acid to kill the nail and that's what I want but I'm still in so much pain and can't wear closed toe shoe's this is the only time I have ever had any problems with them healing all other the other times I was up and moving around normal between 7-10 day as if nothing was ever wrong with them.
21-Dec-2014 13:33I had my left big toenail removed with the phenol treatment so it wouldn't grow back on Friday 12-12-14. 20-Dec-2014 08:19I had both my big toe nails removed 17 days ago, the problem is what shoes to wear, Im going to a Christmas party tonight in flip flops!
09-Nov-2014 22:13Oops meant - I had big toe nails removed due to some genetic defect frequent ingrown toenails and pus under nails I couldn't deal with it anymore. 09-Nov-2014 22:01I had big toes removed due to some genetic defect frequent ingrown toenails and pus under nails I couldn't deal with it anymore.
18-Jul-2014 21:45I had my right toenail removed over a year ago and im in pain most nights.
06-Jul-2014 14:06I had both of my big toe nails removed in December last year due to pincer nails.
05-May-2014 20:49Two days ago I had the total nail removed from my big toe with phenol to stop it growing back after years of pain from a corn growing beneath my nail.
26-Mar-2014 07:28hi I've had a total of 3 nails removed due to in-growing nails, they will never grow back, that was probably 2 years ago now.
04-Feb-2014 00:58I'm on week 4 since both toenails with phenol were removed yrs needles were worse than I'd expected didn't feel the removal itself but very confused on aftercare I went 3 days after procedure they changed dressing and told me to change every 2 days dip toes in ordinary salt water for no more than 30 seconds not soak but dip and then redress and when I see it start to scab I should not bath it at all to make sure i don't soften any scab ? 01-Feb-2014 19:50Had left toenail removed 2 months ago, still oozing, quite tender but OK I am 79 years old and have some circulation of blood in my foot.
21-Jan-2014 23:16I too had mine removed in early December and nowhere near recovered in late January. 21-Jan-2014 18:24i had my left big toe nail removed on the 9th dec2013 i`m still in agony, its still weeping and i`m still wearing flipflops, driving me mad, if i was to get another ingrowing nail i will keep it as the pain was more bareable than this definately would`nt recomend. 20-Jan-2014 21:41these pictures do not even come close to what my toenail removal looked like on week five both bog toes are scabbed and still weeping from the very paiful Phenol burns, this procedure is not for the person who expects to walk nprmally within 6 to eight weeks. 04-Nov-2013 18:00I am having all of my toenails permanently removed due to psoriasis in 10 days.
07-Oct-2013 18:27I had my big toenail removed past thursday and it looks horrible, Im not sure if its suppose to look like that i had an infection before it was removed, and the doctor told me not to cover it, but i dont know if i should cover it up. 08-Sep-2013 15:10I had my big toenail took off on Wednesday, the injectons killed, my toe does not hurt its where I was injected, hurts the most.
22-Aug-2013 16:46my poor daughter has had the sides of her nails removed and this went wrong and today needed the whole nail removing! 11-Aug-2013 08:47Ann After the removal of 14 great toe nails with local anaesthetic, (as if the nail bed is not removed the nails just keep growing its own sweet way) "Inwards" as too much of the nail bed is wider than the nail itself. 11-Jul-2013 09:57I just had a partial removal on the inside of my right big toe about a week ago. 08-Jul-2013 22:19Hi I had my toe nails removed 7 months ago and im still getting red throbbing pain just under the nail line my toes swells up and go very red and sore. 28-Jun-2013 01:26I had both sides of my bigtoe nails removed and burned with acid 5 years ago and it groes narrow and i dont like it. 17-May-2013 13:45I'm on 1 week of removal and mine hurt like no other and nothing is working what do you suggest? 28-Apr-2013 11:15in 2008 my left big toe nail was ripped out completely with someone standing on my foot. Great for indoor or outdoor use and made to stick to rough, uneven, unforgiving surfaces like wood, stone, stucco, plaster, brick and more.
Camouflages repairs on white surfaces, and won't yellow outdoors due to its superior UV resistance.
Ideal for applications in the field including duck blinds, tree stands, tent repairs, and more. Gorilla Mounting Tape is tough and clear and mounts in an instant, for a long-lasting, weatherproof bond. If disguising a repair or the absence of color is needed, PC-Clearâ„¢ is your product of choice. PC-Clearâ„¢ demonstrates excellent chemical resistance to mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt, and fresh water. My doctor was great with the shots, he put the medicine in as he pushed the needle in so it numbed as he gave me the shots. Have a professional check the status of your recovery and get the accurate help that you need. Problem is i need to neutralize the acid with an iodine rinse and im having an allergy to iodine, rash, and itchy skin.
My problem came from an injury, where an old antique glass vase fell from a shelf and smashed my toe! Caused by various reasons as wet feet in socks plus stomping on feet a school stunt of that era.
I went to work the next day wearing a surgical shoe.soaked daily in warm water and Epsom salt 15-20 minutes. I just got my second prescription of antibiotics but still haven't been seen by the dooshbag doctor I had to go to the ER the first time I was given the antibiotic most because the nurse was trying to be the doctor.

I had mine removed due to an infection, yellow, thick nail that was difficult to trim, etc. The podiatrist said I'd be bandage-free and wearing regular shoes (flats, which is all I ever wear) by day 14. A few years ago i had the sides of my nail burned off, because it was always growing into my toe, the nail was still there, ot grew very very slowly if at all.
Guest 08-Jul-2013 22:19 Hi I had my toe nails removed 7 months ago and im still getting red throbbing pain just under the nail line my toes swells up and go very red and sore. This included full removal of the nail beds so they will never grow back - had previously had the nails removed twice before and they grew back just as painfully. My right toe looks well on its way to being healed but the left toe looks gruesome as hell. The worst of the pain is over, but it's still an oozing, sensitive, slowly healing depression where the nail used to be. I I could figure out how to paste pics here you would see that it can be much more tramatic to the toe . I went with the partial removal since my doctor said I'm young and to give the nail another chance to grow back. Its now Sunday, soaked the dressing off, and a big blob of looks like jelly fish, came off in the water, dont know what it is,but I ve left it to get some air to it, and the jelly stuff seems to be forming on my toe, hoping its some sort of protection your body does, see how the next few days gocan walk on it better with no dressing, when soaking the dressing off, dont pull it off, peel it in sections till all gets wet then gentlely ease off.
The nurse talked me into getting my big toenails removed to prevent possible future problems. Repair, fix, patch, seal, hold, and protect almost any surface with crystal clear appearance.
Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!Check out our new how-to videos on YouTube! Is there another rinse i can use without the allergy on the ph scale that neutralizes the acid for the next required 8 weeks? And like someone said on here make sure you have a good doctor and remember they are only practicing medicine and have no owner's manual that they are required to follow like mediaoligist they have a job that as long as they are 50% right they are one of the best.
I was wanting a little more infomon whatbto expect from having sin toenails, three on each foot, removed permanently while under sedation. Can you believe the nurse and dr both said that patients that have this done return to work the very next day?! I went to the dr for follow up yesterday morning, and they swabbed the area to see if anything would grow. Impressive that people are still able to glean help from your documentation from so long ago.
Salt water would be causing you pain (ever heard the phrase about rubbing salt in a wound?).
I would have to be in unbearable ingrown agony with the other big toenail to consider going through this again. By day 8 my toe looked like the 4-month mark shown here (except for the scab from the punch biopsy) and I didn't even feel it! The injections weren't bad, since he used a cooling type spray while sticking me which numbed up really fast. The first time I went to one doctor, he gave me three needles in my toe and I still felt EVERYTHING CUT HE DID. I see podiatrist every week who says recovery is okay (no infections) but it is taking SO long!! This is day 11 and has been a painless event except one night when I put on a regular size Band-Aid (cheap with sharp plastic sides that irritated the base of the toe.) Took 2 Tylenol that night otherwise no other pain medicine . For him yes, for me, I can't do anything but stay in bed, it's been 5 days, otherwise it just reopens.
I'm a mechanics and all be go to hell if I was to put my repaired cars out the door with only a 50% successful percent. The only advice I received pre-surgery was no to go swimming for 4 weeks, otherwise no restrictions.
I had mine cauterized with phenol but I hear they have electrocution and laser techniques My doctor just did it the old school way with phenol acid. Due to my proffession I cannot wear sandles therefore I am forced to miss work for how ever long it takes me to comfortably fit into a shoe. BUT it was the best thing I've done as I'm no longer in pain, and you can once fully healed paint the 'skin' to match the other toenails.
However, today when I changed my bandage, there was a sore spot on the side of where my nail was. So today I soaked my toe twice, morning and night, cleaned it well and out the silver sulfadiazine cream on it. I am use to pain, with 11 knee operations, shoulders, hands and once beaten to an inch of my life, but this procedure has been a nightmare. Not really in any pain, but it does feel like there is a little pressure that is uncomfortable sometimes. Then 4 months ago i dropped something on my right toe nail which turned black and it is just starting to lift from the nail bed.It is painful on and off and trying to build the courage up to have it removed or do i just leave it for a new nail to grow underneath to push the nail off like my doctor suggested. And for those who are still thinking of getting this surgery and are still suffering from ingrown nails, please don't hesitate anymore and just go get the relief from all that pain.
Waited 15 minutes, came back and did one more injection under my nail at the top of my toe. My right foot had just been through three Morton's neuromas which required cortizone shots through the top of my foot. Foot, arch, ankle all hurt so someday when I can get back into shoes I'm sure all the hurts will go away.
It throbbed a little after the local wore off but I didn't think it was that big of a deal.
The only positive thing I can say, compared with other commenters,is that the injection didn't bother me. I don't want to not have a nail there, that raises my insecurities to about a billion, its gonna be uncomfortable going to the beach. About 4 weeks ago I had the left big toenail removed after dealing with it being ingrown for a few years. For the first 3-4 weeks they were still very tender and wearing covered shoes was uncomfortable.
I am still walking like I have a broken toes and the bruising and swelling are horrible not to mention the pain and agony I am in. Anyway, I'm at week 5 and had both sides of nail burned out, but the center "landing strip" left in. I noticed the other day after changing my bandage, that along the side where the procedure was done, my nail looked kind of grayish. I felt like I was in a Saw movie and I felt him cut all the way down my toenail to the bed.

Life is too short to suffer and the pain of ingrown nails is something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Was hoping that I would be playing after 4 or 5 weeks but I'm heading towards 6 weeks and still not healed.
My ingrown toenails were so deep that it actually was nearly touching inside my foot under the skin.
It isn't swollen or red or oozing at all but I am a bit worried because it had been feeling so good. Was hoping that would be the end of it but realized the pain was getting worse so I went to my Doctor Tuesday morning to inspect it. I called the doctor and he said there was just too much moisture on it and to make sure to let it dry out for long periods of time. I had the second procedure done on a Wednesday and was back to work the next day in my steel you're boots on my feet most of the day. If I move my big toe away from the others too fast it feels like the skin is ripping apart and have to stop for a little breather. I am washing in soapy water twice daily and then dressing with Amerigel and non adherant pad with gauze. I wrap it in gauze with ointment, then use rolled gauze to cover it completely and tape it to my foot. He said the fake toenail looked real ;) anyways after inspection we decided to remove my toenail (not permanently). I have been doing this, and today it looked like it spread a little and that it was a bit darker. All my little toes are now scabbed over, the big toes still have some open area and are still weeping but they are healing.
I am asking what is the roll of the toe nail etc and and who else has feet problems that may be a result of removal of nail etc. On Saturday morning, I had a little pain, took some acetaminophen and went shopping with the wife. If only I had seen this blog before agreeing to having my toe nail removed, because I knew how to control the discomfort from an overly thick nail that bothered me when hiking. He literally wedged one side of the scissors in between the bandage and my fresh wounded nail bed to cut the bandage free because they were so stuck. They still have yellow gunk on them when I remove them and my DR said to keep putting them on until they're clean when I remove them. Soaking once a day for at least 20 minutes if not longer, still using antibiotic ointment and sometimes using peroxide to remove the gunk that accumulates on top (when it's that deep, you can't let it heal over or it causes something like dry socket and hurts bad; you have to gently remove the part that's trying to heal the top part first and let it heal bottom upward). He said it would be another accident waiting to happen, getting the fake nail caught again, ect. The secret is to pour Betadine or Iodine Solution on your wound from the time you take off your bandage and keep on doing that every time your wound becomes wet from bathing. If your on the fence about having the procedure done, I couldn't be happier having mine removed.
You are a truly gifted spell caster and I just wanted to take the time to show how you and tell the world how grateful I am"thanks to Dr. Also, if you can keep your foot dry and clean all the time, remove the dressing and just keep the Betadine on your wound, let it dry in the sun and it will provide a coating for your wound. I used gauze and tape for three days, then switched to just big ban-aids for a couple of days.
However I did go to school on day 7 (with a big cotton sock and a surgical shoe over the wrappings). I was told I may submerge my foot in water to clean it but for only as long as it takes to clean the area. Rather surprising to me, though, is that I was actually able to deal with complete defiance of suggested healing protocols, by going directly to work, standing on a concrete floor, and occasionally carrying heavy boxes, for the next six hours. I've been essentially pain free after 24 hours post op, I'd do it again without hesitation. Afterward, I just felt so relieved from how bad the pain had been of the ingrown toenails that I actually felt better after.
I have a follow-up appointment in 4 days, but I am hoping this is just a normal part of the healing process. I was placed on 7 days antibiotics and I also drank anti-inflammatory pills which are also pain killers.
I am wondering why every doctor offers different recovery directions on one simple procedure? Its crazy to go back to work and wear closed shoes or stand for long hours after your toenail surgery. He gave me loratab for pain and he did say to expect it to be painful and not to be on feet for a day or so and keep it elevated and change dressing and use antibiotic ointment. I was told to take 800mg of Ibuprofen every 4 hours, but I honestly am in no pain what so ever. It is still a little tender and have to change the band aid after my walks because it is still oozing.
My toes still are not pretty at the moment, but they weren't pretty before the surgery either. And I agree with those that said the numbing part was more painful than the removal, it seemed as tho he was cutting the toenail out then but he was just numbing it and he used the spray and the numbness did wear off in an hour!!
When a patient has a tooth extracted, all dentists I know use the same post op instructions. I let 8 hrs lapse only once since then cuz I feel it wearing off when it gets close to 7-8hrs. My doctor said I should expect to heal in a couple weeks, though I had some doubts about that even before my current experiences, or reading comments here the last hour or so. I went to surveymoneymaker dot net, and started filling in surveys for cash, and surely I’ve been far more able to pay my bills!
I used Oak plywood for top and white wood for legs also for band on plywood pickeled the bot and stained the top.. My list consists of the pantry organizer for baggies and foil, a new headboard and footboard for my bedroom with matching night stands and a roll around craft center for my office! Becky TDo you think that having the boards on the top and seats like that would leave lots of room for crumbs and other gunk?

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