One of my good friends is getting married tomorrow (Congratulations Amy!), so I decided to put together a wedding day survival kit for her! I’m enjoying a lazy night at home this evening, as Newfoundland is blasted with a blizzard and rolling power outages.
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Create the trendiest wall like no other with this amazing, officially 100% Star Wars licensed Star Wars Wall Mural.

This amazing Star Wars Rey Wall Mural, with it's strong and eye catching graphics, will certainly add drama and a definite Wow factor to any room !
Just imagine how amazing your child's bedroom will look with this stunning wallpaper on it. Once I had all the supplies, I just placed it all into a nice gold basket with some tissue paper.
Printed onto high quality HP wallpaper, the paper gives a vivid and vibrant ultra-smooth finish with high definition detail and it can be wiped clean.

This Star Wars Wallpaper will transform any room into a magical theater ready to spark your child's imagination, just think how many wonderful adventures your kids can have on the magical journey with her new friends!
I put some of the smaller items (bandaids, floss, bobby pins, earring backs, and safety pins) into little bags so that they wouldn’t get lost in the basket.

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