With our state of the art laser welding technology we can repair most broken or damaged eyeglasses and sunglasses frames. With more than 25 years experience in high end casting, moulding and detailed Laser Welding we’ll repair your eyeglasses cost effectively within 1 hour. We have more than 25 years of successful, high level service delivery in jewelry manufacturing as well as the specialized jewelry, casting, molding and jewelry repair trade. We have the latest state of the art laser welding equipment capable of welding and repairing both metal and plastic eyeglass frames and parts.
EyeglassesRepair.ca offre des services de reparation pour tous les types de lunettes ainsi que des lunettes de soleil.
Welcome to our fifth installment of ICONS IN ICONIC SUNGLASSES – THE ROUND EYE, a metal wire or plastic acetate frame with a round lens. The Round Eye, also known as “Teashades”, were a product of an experimental era of human kind, the rise of hallucinogenic drugs introduced psychedelic art, a progressive art form built from vibrant colours and endless visual patterns fuelled by the ingestion of mind altering substances. As the Round Eye frame regains cultural popularity in the 21st century, brands that specialize in sports performance, high end fashion, and classic sunglasses frames incorporate the round eye style into their collection.
The Beatles are recognized as the most commercially successful bands in popular music, hailing from Liverpool, Merseyside. Andy Warhol was a key figure in the visual art movement (Pop Art) which was largely popular in the early to late 50’s in Europe and North America.
Widely regarded as one of the most creative, hardworking and influential musicians of his time, 2-Pac told tales of hardship and violence which resonated through urban communities across America. Oasis front man Liam Gallagher became a cultural icon in the 90’s after Brit-Pop swept the globe.
Sly Stallone’s career has spanned over 4 decades, starring in the eras cult classics and Hollywood action films earning him both iconic and cultural significance.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Glasses Frame Repair - A repair to your spectacle, prescription glasses or sunglasses frame where new parts (eg sides, lenses) are not required.

High Quality Prescription Glasses Sunglasses or Spectacles Frame Repair - A repair to your prescription spectacles glasses or sunglasses frame where new parts (eg sides, lenses) are not required. The round eye has been worn by all creeds and cultures, from influential musicians whose message can be heard in 2016, to pioneering artists and actors, all who have earned iconic status. As the counterculture phenomenon of the 1960’s thrived, widespread social tensions bubbled under the surface creating a chaotic environment, giving heed to contemporary and experimental ideas. Mui-Mui combine bold polished acetate plastic and wire metal temples and bridge to create the MU13NS, a superb female oversized round eye frame. The impact Lennon made of the music industry, as well as the world earned him iconic status.
Taylor garnered the love and affection of the masses through her ability to entertain and her impeccable taste in fashion and accessories earned her status as a fashion icon.
While many found Warhol to have an elusive and quirky character, his contributions to art and culture allowed him to be remembered for a craft he loved. Hailing from New York City, Stallone had the good fortunes of appearing in the Rocky boxing saga, a tale of a man who fought tooth and nail to become World Heavyweight Champion, and Rambo, a War Veteran and former US Special Forces fighting for freedom. We will also fit new joints and nose pad arms if needed, refit the lenses, re-align your spectacles frame and give it a general service and clean -up.
We will also fit new joints and nose pad arms if needed, refit the lenses, re-align your spectacles frame and give it a general service and clean - up. Let us fix your broken eyeglass frames in just minutes and save that favourite pair of eyeglasses that you thought was finished. The round eye became an instantly recognisable accessory amongst some of our icons, being the key focal point of their appearance, the round eye was immediately associated with their image and legacy. Oakley have given us their most audacious frame of recent memory, a round eye frame which lives up to its namesake, the OO6019 – Madman. Lennon was a formidable song writer, along with his partner Paul McCartney, who made countless records, as well as music able to provoke a conscious response from listeners.
When he was younger, acting and arts were his preferred subjects, and later he became stage crew for underground Hip-Hop acts.

Both films propelled Stallone into stardom, moving in the elite Hollywood circles and still featuring in cinema blockbusters.
I would highly recommend their services to anyone with broken eyeglasses or broken jewelry of any type. The Oasis and Gallagher legacy still lives on today, from his clothing line to his work with Beady Eye, Gallagher maintains the same nonchalant image you’d expect from a Manchester lad. 2-Pac was murdered in Las Vegas in 1996, however his legacy lives on- his countless hours spent in the studio left an enormous amount of recorded material for us to enjoy decades later.
With more than 25 years experience […]Sunglasses RepairSunglasses repairing services. Ray-Ban enter the fold with the classic wire frame, Round Metal – RB3447, which is a throw back to the original style. You love your sunglasses but we all know how tough we can be on them and sometimes they break. The RB2180 is a round eye plastic acetate frame with a keyhole bridge, and the RB4256 – Gatsby incorporates metal and plastic into an outlandish frame.
If you cannot visit our Head Office in Downtown Montreal we can still fix your broken eyeglasses or eyeglass frames by doing the process through the mail. Simply contact us to make the necessary arrangements and we will be glad to fix your eyeglasses.
We offer replacement parts that we can install on your eyeglasses and sunglasses, restoring them to excellent condition.

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