Brandt ultraviolet lamps offer consistent output, controllable dosage and simplicity of operation. Spectral irradiance tests at 14" show production of 64% at 320 a€“ 400nm (UVA) 36% at 260 a€“ 320nm (UVB) and virtually none at 200 a€“260nm (UVC). This morning we announced that Sun Microsystems has signed a definitive agreement to acquire MySQL.
Save On Face Tanner Table Top Sun Lamp Tanning Light-Box by Welproma Portable Tan 12 UV Lamps 180W 30 Minute Timer "Daily deals on my shop and much more Face Tanner Table Top Sun Lamp Tanning Light-Box by Welproma Portable Tan 12 UV Lamps 180W 30 Minute Timer. Welproma Face Tanner Light-Box 180 Watts - 12 UV Lamps - Home Tanning - This new compact facial tanning unit is designed to be used in your own home.
Yet people in many parts of the world can only benefit from the sun's rays during certain times of the year. We use the Solarc lamp from September through March, when sun exposure in the northeastern United States produces little vitamin D. We especially like that Solarc health lamps are affordable and are discounted for CR Way members. Welcome to the CR Way™, where you select Calorie Restriction Longevity memberships for your needs! Each CR anti-aging program includes delicious Calorie Restriction diet plans and recipes that are fun and easy.

The CR Way is founded on scientific research studies we helped organize, fund, and participate in.
5.Long-term effects of calorie or protein restriction on serum IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 concentration in humans.
6.Long-term effects of caloric restriction or exercise on DNA and RNA oxidation levels in white blood cells and urine in humans. Fontana L, Villareal DT, Weiss EP, Racette SB, Steger-May K, Klein S, Holloszy JO; and the Washington University School of Medicine CALERIE Group. Weiss EP, Racette SB, Villareal DT, Fontana L, Steger-May K, Schechtman KB, Klein S, Holloszy JO; Washington University School of Medicine CALERIE Group.
So we are pleased to introduce Solarc Systems health lamps, a safe way to take advantage of exposure to ultraviolet light year round.
Tanning sunlamps contain mostly UVA light, which produces a tan and has only a small percentage of vitamin D-inducing UVB light.
Following is a partial list of both the research papers and review articles, based on the studies at Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine.
Luigi Fontana, John Holloszy and their collaborators for their work and the extraordinary contribution to human health that these papers represent. Improvements in glucose tolerance and insulin action induced by increasing energy expenditure or decreasing energy intake: a randomized controlled trial.

Sunlamps expose the user unnecessarily to known UVA risks, including premature aging of the skin and the most deadly form of skin cancer: melanoma.
Exposure to the sun's rays improves immunity, increases systemic nitric oxide - lowering glucose and protecting the heart and brain - and produces vitamin D, which is vital for skeletal integrity. However, Solarc responsibly folllows FDA regulations and does not promote its lamps for vitamin D production. The Light-Box is a product that makes your skin look more beautiful without using expensive cremes and gels. Just take the time to do your sessions from almost anywhere in your home, and within a short time you will be ready to show off your new refreshed skin! Set the timer to the desired time by turning it to the right and position yourself with your face at a distance of 6" or 15 cm from the lamps, the device will switch off automatically after the set time has elapsed. This product has been built according to all European and US safety standards, which allows it to carry the CE-mark and ETL.

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