Since then, New York Magazine writer Mark Jacobson has traveled with the lamp to forensics labs and historians across the planet, to determine if it’s one of the missing human lampshades from Buchenwald Concentration Camp.
Since our arrival, we’ve all been pushing to find out as much about the lampshade as possible… Beyond the fact that it’s human, is the stitching from WWII?
So far, our forensics tests done at some of the world’s best crime labs have pointed back to origins in Nazi Germany and WWII. Upon liberation, General Patton forced the German citizens of nearby Weimar to march through Buchenwald and confront the stacks of corpses, the body organ samples, the crematoria – and a single human skin lampshade. Since then, Holocaust deniers have used the absence of a human skin lampshade as ‘evidence’ for their stupidity. I saw a human skin lampshade brought to my second grade class by a kid named Rob Winters during show and tell 1962. When I saw that the lampshade came from new orleans by a huckster hauled it out of the garbage who was just trying to earn a buck, my first thought was “Its new orleans. I think it is a good thing to have, it was made for people to remember how the war was, why they died, maybe it could go into a museum.
There are many digusting things that happened during the Holocaust I’m not surprsied. This particular lampshade may not have been authentic, but that doesn’t mean that the stories are not true. When I was 8, I spent the summer visiting my sister (whose husband was stationed there) in Bamberg, Germany. I sure that it would have been removed soon after that time as the sixty’s progressed into peace and harmony. When we were taught about the holocaust in school I remember out teacher telling us about the lampshades. Mark Jacobson, did you ever think it possible that maybe they soaked the human skin in oil (likely from a cow, due to the DNA results) to make it more transparent to show light through more easily??? When I was a very young boy my family was at a someone’s that my father knew for dinner or something like that.
There are some Camps that are still standing, but what about the ones that were demolished before the Allied occupation?
You mentioned shades with a (TATTOO) I’ve heard of them but not actually seen one that was verified.
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Back in 2006 it was tested by the same DNA lab the FBI chose to identify the 11,000 body parts left after 9-11.
A Nazi sadist renowned for tormenting prisoners, she was, without question, fascinated with tattooed human skin.
When Ilse was brought to trial it was this last piece of evidence to secure the death penalty.
Because today, on this overcast Brooklyn morning, I’m headed to Mark Jacobson’s house to learn the results of the latest DNA tests. My dad said how horrific it was, how the people were in such shock they didn’t know what was happening. Children need to understand why this war was, how it became, kids are voting for the wrong reasons.
I appreciate the Authors attempt to find the truth, and NatGeo’s running the story, despite the findings. Similar claims were made that the Germans had mass-produced soap from Jewish fat (although there is some evidence that soap was made on a very small scale, mostly for experimentation). One day, her landlord, Heir Grunberg, took me down into the basement to show me his secret artifact from WWII.
We lived in an old Army barracks which was used during the second World War by the Nazi SS. Eisenhower Presidential library contains photographic images of NAZI atrocities the Allies discovered, among them are images of what were identified as human skin objects, I remember one lampshade had tattoos. A few years ago, more like 15 I spoke with a gentleman who reveal a truly macabre secret about the lost camps and gas chambers.
It is a probability that it was real but, it’s a possibility that it could be a fake.
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What I saw was a very nice looking old lamp with a big lampshade, which he told me was made of human skin. In the museum attached to the Bergen Belsen Concentration camp there was a human skin lamp shade on display. I wish people would stop being so being so naive when it comes to the horrors of the Beautiful People.
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Because although there’s absolutely no doubt that human skin artifacts were made at Buchenwald, a human-skin lampshade has never been found.
Once selected, the victims were never seen again but their tattoo designs appeared on all manner of artifacts. Or could they even overturn the DNA results of 2006 and challenge the finding that it was human at all? I produced a video for our local Holocaust Museum, and interviewed Survivors and Liberators. He said they’d all been ordered to get rid of them after WWII, but he had hidden his in the basement instead. She also told us about how the Nazis use to experiment on the concentration camp prisoners and sterilize them and do radiation tests on them. He said that he had collected evidence from the mortar and clay bricks, and they had shown MORE than trace amounts of prussic acid. While there are four basic skin types –  dry, oily, sensitive, and combination  – most people can have other characteristics different from their skin type. If they do not take the time to have you fill in a detailed consultations the the result will be no better than if you went to a counter at a department store. It is important that you give full enclosure so that a complete skin analysis can be given. Was his or her ethnic make-up compatible with the European or Jewish profile of a typical Buchenwald prisoner? I can still hear the words of one of the Liberators, and remember how he broke down as he talked about what he saw. I remember it looking much like the lampshade in this picture…not like leather at all, but much lighter and thinner. Many people will misdiagnosis dehydration for dry skin and recommend the incorrect moisturizer that is too rich for an oily skin. He was very upset with comments that were being made that indicated that some things weren’t true. I had no idea what it was but for some reason it was one of those bits of information that stuck with me. This is why they will give you a different skin analysis result than a fully trained skin specialist. Years and years later for some reason it came to mind and I realized just what it was and what my father meant by a Jew’s skin lampshade.
When you look at all the horrible atrocities the nazis committed it’s certainly possible. He still, after all these years, cried at the thought of what he witnessed, and when he walked with us through the Museum, and commented on photos and exhibits, his emotions were real – and raw. That way people can know what happened and never forget but why would anyone consider this neat or cool to own? My father has been gone for a long time now and I don’t even know who the man was that we were visiting.

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