If your business has parking lot lighting or other outside lighting, you may not be sure if all your lights are on every night. Since annexation, the City of Austin through Austin Energy now owns and has the responsibility for maintenance of all the street lights. Please enter all the information requested so that the location of the street light is clear. Streetlights are a major source of revenue drain for all cities and if not properly maintained, can result in lot of inconvenience to the citizens. Traxoid offers several products to address the specific needs and budgets of different agencies.
Monitor - The groups of street lights are equipped with communication modules and energy monitoring modules which updates the Master Control Station (MCS) as per programmed frequency.
Alarm Call Service - The system can generate and send SMS to the concerned authority on occurrence of any programmed event with exact time stamping in case of GSM option. Fault Monitoring - In case of abnormal situation, the remote terminal unit automatically generates alarm messages and sends them to MCS and pre-designated mobile handsets.
Dimming of lights - The system can be programmed to dim the street lights at late night to reduce energy consumption. Flexible for expansion - The system can easily be expanded to any new area or to remote distance.
Report Generation - The Master Control Station generates various detailed real time reports. Reduce operating cost - The system utilizes wireless communication techniques and offers real time surveillance of individual group of junction boxes and lamps. Low annual maintenance cost - The unmatched precise and accurate information on electricity consumption helps to plan preventive maintenance and reduces maintenance cost per pole to an enviable level. Future additions made easy - The system utilizes wireless mode of data communication and saves the cost and labor of cable laying through out the busy roads.
Low Initial Cost - Absence of cable laying brings down the execution cost and saves initial installation cost. We’re committed to providing cost-effective Tracking Solutions that demonstrate high return on investment.

Car dealerships, retail parking lots and commercial garages depend on Erwin Electric, for all of their lighting needs.
Testimonials “I wanted to thank Erwin Electric and all the folks who worked on our home renovation…It was not a quick installation such as might be done in other homes.
Again I thank you for your efforts and I would recommend your firm to any and all that inquire.” –Steven D. I will pass your name on to any of my friends and relatives with electrical problems in the future.” — Katie H.
Brian was very professional at all times, and went out of his way to make sure our dead-lines were met and everything was done properly. First Presbyterian ChurchVery responsive & super-helpful “I want you to know that the electrician you sent, Ted *, handled very professionally the transitional wiring from the electric service to the “Sentry” unit. New ProjectsNEW FIRING RANGE IN PINELLAS COUNTY Erwin Electric is proud to be partners with Integra Construction Group to help build a new shooting range facility. HeadlinesTampa International Airport Fuel Farm Improvements and Upgrades Work continues on this project as Erwin Electric, Inc is contracted to perform major electrical infrastructure improvements. BR Medical Work is beginning on BR Medical, a ground up 9,000SF fully AHCA compliant ambulatory surgical center located in Tampa, Florida. You can also report street light problems to the City of Austin information line by calling 3-1-1 - they then send the information to the Austin Energy office. These products range from extremely low cost controllers that can replace digital timers on individual poles to complete streetlight systems that control power to a large group of streetlights as shown below. In case of GSM option, the message contains detailed data on the fault(s) with exact time stamp.
It also offers facility to program the RTU to switch on-off as alternate groups of street lights. Intelligent interface devices can optimize the energy requirements by recording the changes in nightfall in different seasons. The beauty of our tracking solution is that it can be easily tailored to your specific needs without the expense of creating a completely bespoke solution. With no down riggers and an extended reach, we are able to get to your light fixtures quicker.

Tony stuck with us throughout the full project, always professional and willing to help, and never growing impatient despite our numerous questions, revisions and challenges. George, President Exceeding Goals “I cannot thank you enough for the prompt service and for sending someone who knew what he was doing. Palm Harbor, FLPrompt, professional, and personable“I just wanted to thank everyone at Erwin Electric for the outstanding job your company did on the remodel for our new location in Bradenton. Work includes all new pumps, large generator equipment, duct banks, control center building and new electrical building, including brand new switch gear and motor control center.
Reports of problems go to Austin Energy and they have their own work crews come out and fix lights in the Austin Energy service area, or they call PEC to have the PEC crew come out and fix light in the PEC service area. Any number of new street lights can be added to the existing network with simple and easy modifications.
The benefits you can enjoy is total visibility of your employees, high-value assets and vehicles. We really enjoyed working with Tony, and we are grateful to him for helping us to maximize the value of our Lutron lighting system.
These team members exceeded the goals that were defined for them on this project, despite the existing conditions. Nathan was very professional, personable, and quickly diagnosed my problem and was able to fix it!  I also found the cost to be very reasonable. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office will soon train in their new 4,700 square foot state of the art outdoor firing range. Our experience over the past year is that the response has been fairly quick for lights in both service areas, and PEC has told us that they have a good working relationship with Austin Energy.

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