The stained glass repair experts at True View™ offer a wide variety of decorative glass window repair and stained glass window replacement services to suit your needs. Below are some examples of the many patterns of decorative glass we offer for textured glass replacement or frosted glass repair. True View glass scratch repair system removes deep scratches on all types of glass in your home or office. Are you losing business due to moderately to severely scratched or otherwise damaged glass on your building? Minor damage: the kind which you cannot hang a fingernail in, and is often the result of glass on glass rubbing, as well as sand paper scuffmarks. Moderate damage: is substantial enough to catch your nail, but not enough to hang the edge.
Heavy damage: can be felt under the touch of a finger, and is easily visible to the naked eye.
Extreme damage: is severe, the kind which you can easily hang your fingernail in, and can be viewed on the glass at some distance. The length and depth of a scratch determines the exact process and time required for complete removal. It should be noted that Heavy to Extreme scratches are costly to remove and there are often other options such as glass replacement. Click here to learn more about our Custom Window and Glass Services in the Phoenix metro area. True View was founded in 2000 and has become the locally-owned leader in customer satisfaction and service. Storefront glass, glass entry doors and more, True View will get you what you need – fast!
Of course, the main reason your neighbors are replacing their old windows is to save energy.
Those cold drafts or the hot air that used to leak in around your old windows will be gone. For the discerning client that appreciates the differences top notch design, materials and construction make. No matter what we make or restore for you our work is always constructed as well as it looks.

The most important decision you can make in the design, construction or restoration of your stained glass windows is the professional custom stained and beveled glass studio you choose to help you achieve your objectives. David Wixon & Associates, Inc., also known as Wixon Art Glass, is a full-service professional custom stained glass and beveled glass studio.
In doing this, all of the owners, stained glass artists and craftsmen at David Wixon & Associates, Inc., provide each client with a level of ethics, expertise and enthusiasm no other firm can surpass. We have an excellent reputation for completing our projects to our client's specifications, on budget and on time.
We invite you to consider us your resource in stained glass to be used in any way we can be of use to you. For instance, if you are still in the preliminary stages of your project, we can advise concerning various stained glass alternatives and the implications of their use such as their costs, framing and reinforcement requirements, frames installation techniques, lighting, maintenance and ventilation ramifications and restoration or remodeling. We can do this for you whether you are acquiring a new memorial window for your church, adding a touch of elegance to your home's entryway, providing privacy and a romantic motif for your home spa or restoring a historic home or church. For example, stained glass cabinet fronts, bathroom windows and kitchen windows are the perfect touches for your elegant custom kitchen and bath designs. Of course, inspirational church stained glass always has a place in church architecture regardless of the building or worship styles.
We invite you to review samples of our stained glass portfolio which are displayed throughout this website.
We have also prepared a section on our website at Helpful Information where you can find lots of helpful information, useful guides and pertinent announcements regarding common questions and concerns we receive frequently. Contact us for custom stained and beveled glass doors, sidelights and transoms, grand entrances, bathroom windows, kitchen cabinets, stairway windows, and fancy skylights. Contact True View today to see how our glass services can help you see things more clearly! True View™ is your valley wide glass specialist with a highly trained staff possessing years of experience. We will repair your existing decorative glass window insert or help you design a new one to add a distinct and personal decorative touch to any room in your home. You can transform entry ways, brighten bathrooms, jazz up kitchens, and modernize bedrooms. Our decorative glass products can be used in windows, sidelights, cabinetry or whatever your heart desires.

Severe scratches are considered to be those you can feel with your finger tip or fingernail. Whether it’s from one of our Arizona Monsoons, old shrubbery or vandalism, we can have a professional technician at your home or business quickly to make the needed repairs. It’s a well-known fact that customers will often times avoid business establishments with an unsightly appearance. We use state of the art equipment, quality materials and a knowledgeable, trained staff for any size project.
These days, to add life or updated the feel of a room, you no longer have to settle for a generic clear glass window. The reason to use a leaded glass window is for the design – and there are a wide variety of architectural styles to choose from (including floral, renaissance, craftsman, fluer-de-lis, geometric and cathedral styles). Because these polishing materials are made up of extremely small particles this method is only effective with fine scratches.
Most homeowners who choose to replace existing windows with decorative glass varieties, do so to improve both the function and look.
Don’t be fooled there is no true one step process that can remove deep scratches effectively.
The benefits to these types of windows are limitless from increased privacy, to energy efficiency, to simple updated decor. True view uses all the latest methods and equipments to get your windows restored and looking beautiful again. Our commercial glass scratch repair team has one goal in mind: to perfectly restore your damaged glass in a safe, professional, and timely manner. You can count on installation by David Wixon & Associates to be economical, sturdy, and attractive. From beautiful decorative glass, including stained glass, to window screens, glass replacement..

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