Even though I’m only sharing crafts, money saving tips, and a super rad personalized favor in this post, I will be back in a few weeks to show you the finished product. Personalized anything is one of the easiest ways to envelope the bride and groom in warm and fuzzies. Crafting tip- Use a container to catch the glitter that doesn’t stick to the current item you are making so you can save as much of your precious glitter as possible. I don’t know how I did it, but I stumbled into this random dollar store and she had all of her stores ship their glasses to her so I could purchase 50 matching glasses. I wanted my pink votives to poke out a little so I made sure I kept the glitter to about 1 inch.
Figure out the correct size for your napkin (mine was 4 inches) and glue it to the 1 inch piece of elastic.
Finally, the last bridal shower craft is something I personally only do when I’m in a pinch.
I know this post is older but I just have to say I appreciate finding another person who is obsessed with the details and finding exactly what you were picturing.
My name is Mallery and I’m a recovering workaholic oversharing with a solid sense of humor. When I got home this weekend, I had some free time and decided to put my leftover glasses from the chalkboard wine glass project and my new Martha Stewart glitter set to good use by making these pretty glitter wine glasses.
Sprinkle glitter on the base and stem of each glass one at a time, shaking off the excess onto a piece of cardstock and pouring it back into the container so you don't waste glitter or make a mess!
This isn’t anything too different, just my second take on the painted + glittered mason jars. I used the exact same method as I did for the metallic jars, but used different shades of spray paint and glitter. I do suggest spraying the outsides with some sort of adhesive or going over the glitter edges with mod podge so it doesn’t come flying off when the jars and moved. I attempted a few different glitters on these jars – more flaked and iridescent glitter than just the fine, regular glitter.
While hubby is currently tackling our master bath, I am in the midst of sprucing up our master bedroom.
I sprayed my adhesive on one stripe at a time, then poured glitter on the adhesive and shook off any extra. I allowed my vases to sit for about 10 minutes, long enough for the glitter to set, but not long enough for it to pull right off with the tape. Be sure to pop back in for more “Dollar Decor” ideas as we finish up the rest of our space!
Yofi's Stick It body adhesive will provide additional adhesion for multiple uses with the glitter stickers. I wanted to make something like this for the top of my grandma and grandpas 50th anniversary cake my sister is making.

So, we can either bury our heads in the sand to avoid wedding stress, or we can help with the festivities.
I started with the pink version of the previously stated gold acrylic paint and ended up pulling the spray paint out because I was over it. As you can see, I found some sort of blue votive holder in my basement that probably should have been pitched. I have been dying to use rhinestone ribbon for something and it just so happens that sparkly napkin rings are SO easy to make. I prefer to order cupcake wrappers on Etsy because they aren’t my favorite things to make, but you can save a ton of cash if you make them this way. Everything is absolutely gorgeous, as always, but more importantly, the thought of you having to stare at pink for long just makes my heart happy. Go to a well ventilated area (trust me on this one!) Spray a thin, even coat of the spray on to each glass. If you have a cat like mine who likes to knock everything over, I suggest putting them on top of your fridge or a very high cabinet so they don't get ruined. I'll have to be very careful when washing them by hand and they most definitely can't go in the dishwasher (not that I have one anyway!) But the clear coat of spray really helps to lock in the glitter so it doesn't shake off all over the place when you use the glasses. I wanted to have two shades of white for a little dimension, so I went with one Krylon spray paint in almond and another one in ivory. The ones in the photos show a white gold glitter, a traditional gold glitter and a rose quartz glitter.
I placed the jars in a cluster on a tray and piled mint and lavender Christmas ornaments around it. I love everything girly, so when I started seeing all styles of glitter vases around blogland, I just couldn’t help but get in on the action. I then carefully removed my tape, trying to avoid touching the glittery stripes when possible. I love this project because it is simple and inexpensive, but it can really add a lot of color and interest to a space. I have boys, so I have to live vicariously through you girl-moms in the kid decor department! My daughter was looking at this with me and we had a great idea to copy this on smaller glass jars for her makeup brushes! We have a link party called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop and would love to have you share this and any other posts with everyone. Filling the seats for the panel of judges are no other than: Olivia of A Field Journal , Ez of Creature Comforts, Chelsea of Frolic, Jordan of Oh Happy Day and Katelin of Project Wedding.
The beauty of the curly style font is that as you are cutting, it naturally creates dimension because of the tight curves. FYI — on your DIY Ideas landing page this post is actually linked to your DIY chandelier.

I’ll add it to cake topper ideas for Brides who use my DIY Wedding cake instructions. I am curious… do you make 2 cut outs of the same letter and glue the letters together so the back is glittered too? Try updating your browser or perhaps checking if you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. I only spray painted them with pink glitter because I found smaller gold ones to set on top of this charger for the cupcakes.
I filled up a bowl with hot water and scooped the softened (not melted) wax out with a spoon.
I wanted a little bit of stretch just in case one of the napkins had a little more bulk to it. I went with pink, light pink, and gold so they matched the party colors, and I decided on 2 images and 2 text so I could give a few of my own little somethings. Take care not to spray too much or else the glitter will become wet and drip down the glass, which you definitely do not want! I found the correct url for this post by Googling the first sentence from the landing page.
We had a great time catching up, visiting museums, riding to the top of the Arch and seeing the Bruins beat the Blues!
I think it’s because the edges never seemed completely straight since the glitter was flaked. I simply threw some flowers in the jars that I already had from Michaels, but I definitely want more winter white branches and leaves inside.
I don’t like spending lots of money either, so its nice to see other bloggers being cost conscientious. A smart person would have spray painted the smaller plate to save on the amount of paint needed, but I was going for a pink, gold, pink pattern so this is the way it had to be. I found the glittery white LED branches at Pat Catan’s and they are by far my favorite thing.
Just keep in mind that you’ll want to put tape everywhere you do not want to have glitter, including inside the mouth of our vase. Fortunately the spray adhesive was pretty forgiving at this point, and I was able to scrape off any unwanted glitter and touch up uneven lines with just my fingernail.

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