We are instrumental in offering exclusive array of Industrial Solar LED Lighting Systems that are in compliance with global quality specifications. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. BHARAT SOLAR ENERGY - The Renewable Energy Leader and OneStop Solar Shop of Diverse Solar Products & Services like Solar Panel, Inverters, Solar Street Lights, Solar AC, Solar Fans, Biodiesel, Solar Power Plant with UPS, Hot Water System, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Tracker, Wind Turbines.
A VERY fine book on building your own wind turbine from scratch, with step-by-step instructions. White LEDs are perfect for replacing small, inefficient incandescent bulbs in night lights, flashlights, path lights, task lights and exit signs. Large LED clusters that run on 120VAC are extremely expensive to purchase--usually US$200 and up. LEDs are excellent for task lighting, and this circuit also has battery backup built in -- when AC power goes out, the LED cluster switches to battery power. We'd appreciate any other links you can send us about designing LED lighting fixtures, especially for 120v AC house current applications. If your LED mounting does not allow any air circulation, we recommend running them at 18-20ma instead of 25ma to avoid any heat buildup, which will shorten their life. Although our LEDs are not powerful enough to require eye protection labelling, DO NOT look directly into the beam from a close distance, just like with a halogen lamp. I just wanted to give praise to your solar installation team – they were professional and courteous on every level. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. A smart home, or smart house, is a home that incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the building's functions.
Smart homes use 'home automation' technologies to provide home owners with 'intelligent' feedback and information by monitoring many aspects of a home. Many new homes are being built with the additional wiring and controls which are required to run advanced home automation systems.
The range of different smart home technologies available is expanding rapidly along with developments in computer controls and sensors.

Regardless of the technology, smart homes present some very exciting opportunities to change the way we live and work, and to reduce energy consumption at the same time.
Sourced in best of the form from trusted vendors, our range of Industrial Solar LED Lighting can efficiently work for 3 consecutive days without sunshine. Undertake Solar Plant Installation, Erection Commissioning Maintenance, Solar Rooftop Designing. Try 6-9 white LEDs for reading and task lights, and 1-3 LEDs for flashlights and path lights. We've already corrected this page numerous times thanks to real electronics experts who have emailed us.
In reality, though, there are many other circuit design issues you need to look at to build a reliable 115VAC home LED lighting fixture! The resistor does consume power, though, but is usually needed since an 'ideal' 3.6 volt source is rarely available. If you are looking for maximum lifespan (which could be over 10 years of run time) and brightness that doesn't vary with your battery condition, try a voltage regulator circuit (below). You can also use an LM317 adjustable voltage regulator set to the exact current level needed by your strings of LEDs.
You can home build them, but the electronics and design are much more complicated than the DC circuits above. Submitted by Pranab Kumar Roy, an electrical engineering student at Nagpur University, India. For example a smart home may control lighting, temperature, multi-media, security, window and door operations, as well as many other functions. For example, a smart home's refrigerator may be able to catalogue its contents, suggest menus, recommend healthy alternatives, and order replacements as food is used up. Retro-fitting (adding smart home technologies to an existing property) a house to make it a smart home is obviously significantly more costly than adding the required technologies to a new home due to the complications of routing wires and placing sensors in appropriate places. This has inevitably led to compatibility issues and there is therefore a drive to standardise home automation technologies and protocols. Imagine being able to check messages, open windows, operate lights and curtains and monitor how much money your house has made you from your renewable energy system, through your smart phone, from anywhere in the world!

We follow high-degree of quality control, underlying which we cautiously check our procured range to ensure superior quality and reliability.
What we'd really like is for a real electronics expert to completely re-write this page for us! HOWEVER, in our LED flashlight conversions (and many commercial LED flashlights), the LEDs are run at 50-60ma, twice the rated current.
We link to a few resources farther down on this page, and you can always Google up 'LED lighting circuits' for more information. Designed for 230VAC European grid power, and could be used on 120VAC USA grid power by replacing the transformer. In Europe, Installation Bus, or Instabus is becoming a recognised smart home technology protocol for digital communication between smart devices.
One of our test LEDs ran at 98ma for over 200 hours without damage or appreciable light loss. Reverse polarity will not damage an LED unless the voltage is very high--it simply will not work, and will not pass current through. So go ahead and experiment with running them at over rated current if you are willing to take the risk of a shorter life.
However, be sure to check the manufacturer's rating for the specific LEDs you are using--there are some out there, particularly the latest models, that can be damaged by relatively low reverse voltages. Instabus lines links appliances to a decentralised communication system and functions like a telephone line over which appliances can be controlled.
In my opinion, a flashlight bulb that lasts 100 hours is a huge improvement and cost saver over the incandescent alternative which gives only 15-20 hours before it dies. The European Installation Bus Association is part of Konnex, an association that aims to standardise home and building networks in Europe.

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