The lamp socket is part of a kit that you install on the top of your bottle, you can then run the cord through the bottle and install a light string with it or let the cord run outside of the bottle (if you don’t want to drill a hole). The one that is right for you depends on which lamp shade you’re planning on using, the size of your bottle, and if you are comfortable drilling a hole in the glass. The Candlestick Bottle Adapter – This is the lamp kit that we use most of the time for our Bottle Lamps.
Make A Lamp Harp Kit – The Make A Lamp Kit has a brass plated 10? detachable harp and push through on and off switch. Cork Stopper Lamp Kit – This lamp kit (set of two) is perfect for turning vintage wine bottles into lamps if you’re apprehensive about drilling a hole and running the risk of breaking the bottle.
We used a few layers of duct tape to add a little bit of width to the adapter or rubber stopper to make it fit. One more thing that I did to ensure that this would stay stable was to incorporate the lid that screwed onto the growler. You mentioned on your bottle lamp kit site that you can get lampshades that just fit on the bulb. I have the bottle lamp kit that has the cork on the bottom and am having trouble finding shades for it.
The illustration below will give you a better idea of the different types of lamp shades available. Please then check you are happy with the flex length and colour (we add 1m of our recommended colour).

If you prefer an oak or mahogany pattress please just edit your shopping basket accordingly after you have added the kit. Ceiling Bowl Kit includes a pattress, a triple ceiling bowl hook, 3 x 0.5 metres of fine 15mm welded linked chain, 3 ceiling bowl hooks (includes rubberised washers to protect the glass) a cord grip lampholder and 1m of flex of our recommended colour.
If you need more chain or flex please edit the amount in your shopping basket after you have added the kit.
If you have a glass shade that needs a light gallery we stock these in our gallery section.
Art circles craft all around these exquisitely carved, drilled and etched gourd shells shipped from Senegal.
Designed and executed by Calabarte, some small etchings are intentionally superficial, remaining opaque or translucent, while others are cut deep for full transparency. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Like I mentioned above, the harp lamp kit is used for lamp shades that have a small hole in the frame. The cork stopper lamp conversion kit has the 6 foot cord attached to the light socket and sits outside of the bottle.
This is something that always needs to be addressed when using these kits as nothing ever seems to fit exactly. By drilling a hole in the center that will be just big enough to let the lamp post pass through you can screw the lid back on and give it even more stability.

Otherwise the Bayonet cap lampholders all come complete with 2 shade rings suitable for a 22mm opening in the shade.
The elaborate patterns are not just for show, though – they are made to cast spectacular light displaces on interior ceilings, walls and floors.
Each is naturally unique, but so are the shapes scooped out of it by hand (after each shell is hand-selected, emptied and dried). This kit is very easy to install, comes with an eight foot white cord and has a push through on and off switch on the socket. Can you tell me which kit was used to make the Growler Bottle Lamp that is pictured on your “Bottle Lamp Kits Explained” page? For the growler I cut out a cardboard width that matched the height of the rubber stopper and then the length to match the circumference as well.
I see plenty of them with a ring that screws onto a lamp harp but the only ones with clips seem to be small candelabra shades. If you prefer an oak or mahogany pattress or a different lampholder please just edit your shopping basket accordingly after you have added the kit. If you prefer an oak or mahogany pattress please just edit your shopping basket after adding the kit.

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