Similar to the Flowerpot pendant lamps the head of the VP3 table lamp consists of two differently sized and facing hemispheres, which are fixed by a metal ball.
As a desk lamp, however, we recommend the Flowerpot VP4 table lamp, another member of the Flowerpot lighting family.
The Rowan pendant lamp is produced in 4 sizes in a selection of warm shades of mouth-blown glass, combined with metal fittings and twisted fabric wire in silver and brass. This is a perfect bathroom furniture for you who have a small apartment where even a small space is a crucial thing to think about.
Thanks to its shapely silhouette the 50 cm high Flowerpot table lamp looks like a small light object.

The main piece is the bathroom furniture, with an innovative foldable silicone washbasin, that fold internally as a compact element of 16 cm wide. Whether working light, mood light or colour highlight – the Flowerpot table lamp can be used in all residential areas. At the same time, the white-painted interior of the hemispheres reflects the light conical before it shines down and illuminats the lamp base atmospherically. Pixel is furniture for micro home spaces where the bathroom is integrated into the same room, taking an ex.
Made of lacquered aluminium and available in 9 different colours, the Flowerpot sets a colourful accent in rooms or can be adapted to the ambience.

Two of our coworkers examine independently their functionality, completeness and intactness.
Pixel wants to hide the bathroom furniture as a decorative element with the least amount of furniture so as not to disturb the main decor of the room that can be customized with different materials.

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