Requires one bulb (not included)Why we love this brandThe husband and wife team behind Maura Daniel knows stylish lighting. Custom colors are available for an additional fee (Montana, Design Master, and Krylon paints).
If you have any questions regarding our free shipping offer, please call us at (877) 470-7790. VIEW MORE BY MAURA DANIEL »Looking for a lovely vintage inspired light for your room?

Contact customer service for assistance.Please note, this product is wired for use in the US, Canada and most countries in Central and South America. This includes items sent via Ground Shipping to addresses within the 48 contiguous United States.
This handling fee is referred to as a Delivery Surcharge and is clearly stated on the product pages for such items. If you are purchasing this lighting item for intended use in another country, it may not be compatible with the typical voltage requirements of that country.

Some of our light fixtures can be re-wired by the designer to meet the needed voltage requirements. Whether you are on the hunt for a sleek pendant light or feminine sparkly chandelier, Maura Daniel Lighting has something for everyone.

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