Brisk mornings and earlier sunsets…cozy sweaters and chunky boots…pumpkin spice lattes pumpkin everything! One of the most distinguishing aspects of this season are the vibrant, warm colors that surround me. Rather than just display the gourds around my home, I thought I’d get creative and use them to house decor items like flowers and candles. Use the candle as a guide to help you cut the appropriate-sized hole to house the tea light candle. If you’re using fresh flowers, cut the stems and place a small cup with water at the bottom of the gourd.
What started out as a way to chronicle my son’s first year of life has evolved into Rockin’ Mama. I normally buy these fresh at the grocery store, but a benefit of the artificial ones is that won't rot and can be used year after year. You can add some height to an arrangement by elevating mini pumpkins and gourds with pedestal glasses or dishes (wine glasses, ice cream dishes, mini truffle dishes, etc.).

At our dinner party, I placed these small arrangements (candle, mini pumpkin or gourd, leaves, acorns) in the center of each of 4 small round tables.
All of the other decorations will last and can be left out until it's time to decorate for Christmas. Sign up now for free to start following thousands of amazing artists from around the world. We use premium 345gsm semi-gloss baryta fine art paper paired with ultra-low glare plexiglass to ensure your art gets all the attention. We don’t incorporate seasonal trends throughout our home so the kitchen is that space to showcase that Fall is here. In early October each year, I make a few purchases at the grocery store and quickly decorate my house with inexpensive decorations that will last throughout the fall season. The pine cones are glue-gunned onto sticks--often you can buy them this way at stores that carry dried and artificial supplies for flower arrangements. In the following two photos, I've elevated a mini pumpkin and gourd by resting them in some antique sherbet pedestal dishes that I found at my friend Meda's antique shop.

Just incorporate some spider webs, plastic spiders, or other goulish decor.When Halloween is over, remove those items and the remaining fall decor wil get you through Thanksgiving. This entire craft, including the table runner, was less than $20 and the result is simple and gorgeous.
I primarily use pumpkins, gourds, cinnamon sticks & Indian corn to decorate my windowsills, entryway, and mantel.
When you're through using the cinnamon as decorations, you can rinse them off and use them to flavor cider or hot chocolate. Placing it upright in vases & baskets makes it more visible and adds some height variety to the arrangement.

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