Certainly the most noble applications of 3D printing came from the world of medical science this year. While not as serious as the medical applications of 3D printing, we did see the technology get put to recreational use in some fields in 2014. Food is about to get a lot more fun as 3D printers work their way into both professional and home kitchens. While the items in this category could all technically have gone under "Medicine," we had to create a separate one because there were just so many of them made in 2014.
2014 is the year in which a 20-foot-tall 3D-printer in Amsterdam began producing an entire house and, for that, it is the head-and-shoulders winner in this category.
There were so many applications of 3D printing in the world of fashion in 2014 that my CNET colleague Michelle Starr will be putting together a separate gallery to highlight them all.Still, any comprehensive wrap-up of 3D printing technology in 2014 couldn't leave out this vital category, so for it I nominate this fashion-forward invention.
2014 is the year in which the world's first 3D-printed car design competition was held, and the company behind that competition, Local Motors, took the winning design by Michele Anoe of Italy into production. I know this isn't a typical category for a list like this, but we covered two things that fit so perfectly here I just had to give them their own space.
While 2014 did see its share of 3D-printed instruments come to life -- like this saxophone and these super-cool instruments, we’re going to award this category to someone who used a 3D printer to make music in an entirely different way -- by playing it on the printer itself.That’s right.
Dizziness is a more common complaint among older adults—probably because it’s a side effect of nearly every prescription drug (and many over-the-counter medications), and because age-related changes in your body can cause dizziness, Dr. Because of its ability to produce parts as unique as our own bodies, the technology has enormous potential in this field.

The most fun application of the technology to food we saw this past year comes from a group of MIT students who developed a machine that could 3D-print ice cream.
3D printing holds a lot of promise in the field of architecture not only because of the customization available (like this castle that came to 3D-printed life in 2014), but because many predict it will be able to quickly and cheaply put up structures -- especially in underprivileged areas or places struck by natural disaster.And what do you fill a 3D-printed house with?
It's a 3D-printed dress that has 20 reactive displays built into it that become transparent as the wearer reveals more data about herself online. The car itself was unveiled at Chicago’s International Manufacturing Technology Show in September.
A YouTuber called Zero Innovations figured out how to rig a Simple Metal Printer from Printrbot to play “The Imperial March” from Star Wars using the sounds of the motors that move the printhead. In 2014 alone we saw the first step toward a 3D-printed bionic eye and the development of a 3D-printed airway splint that is now helping a baby breathe by keeping his airways -- which were prone to collapsing -- open. They are now signing up interested parties on their website who will be alerted once the car is ready for mass consumption.While that’s certainly cool, we had to give this category to another vehicle -- the Bloodhound SSC. While this also deserves a “Most Creative Use of a 3D Printer Award,” instead I’ll name the piece the official song to The Year of 3D Printing.
But while dizziness can be a side effect of minor health issues, it can also be a sign of a serious health problem.
It was also the year in which exact replicas of a patient's brain tumor and heart were made so that surgeons could practice on them before performing real surgeries.Our winner in this category, though, goes to the woman who received an entire 3D-printed skull back in March to relieve pressure from her swelling brain.
There’s also this super-cool open-source printer that can make pancakes in pretty much any design you can dream up.

The puppy, who was born without his front legs, had a special cart 3D-printed for him by Mark Deadrick, the president of a 3D-printing company called 3dyn, who then affixed some skate wheels to it so that the little guy could get around. While it isn’t entirely made from 3D-printed parts, it does have its share of them and, well, it just looks super cool.
That’s right, a company called Cremation Solutions promises to be able to make the urn using just a few photos of the deceased.
The operation was a success, and the woman was back at work shortly after it was completed. Although not actually made of something edible, another invention that needs to be mentioned in this category is the 3D-printed doodad that helps eliminate that watery squirt of ketchup that has plagued mankind since the tomato paste was first invented.
A small urn costs $600 and will hold a portion of the ashes, while a full-sized version that can hold all of the ashes will run $2400. Speaking of implants, we were also wowed by the 3D-printed face implants that recently got approval from the FDA.

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