The world is caught up in a massive credit crunch which has turned every consumer into a spendthrift. The economic climate has had a lot to do with the boom in recommence, but the benefits of selling and buying re-purposed goods has lasted as long as it has on the strength of its other benefits. Regardless of how unusable an old item may seem to its owner, the global marketplace offers up a massive consumer group bound to include at least one buyer who will find value in another person’s junk. Online auction sites have made resale a streamlined process by offering shipping and packaging services for consumers who want to profit effortlessly from their old items. The sheer size of the global marketplace means that low value items can be bartered up to produce often startling returns. A South African School asks Black Girls to Chemically Straighten their Hair; Where can we be Black if we can’t be Black in Africa? You need Flash to watch this video.Sorry, your browser doesn't support Flash, needs a Flash update, or has Flash disabled. Maximizing resources has been declared one of the most predominant consumer trends in 2012. In the past, selling second hand items was inconvenient, demanding that consumers use stores that bought at low prices to create space for further mark ups.

The World Wide Web has extended the contacts list of the average consumer, introducing a myriad of potential buyers.
Secure online banking services ensure that buyers and sellers are kept safe from the penny pinching public. The traditional garage sale demanded that you invite strangers into your own home over weekends that would be better spent elsewhere. A fourth edition novel from the Eighties might sell for a few dollars at a brick and mortar store. After the recent news of a new in-app search engine to take on Google, this time Facebook is targeting eBay with a new page that shows a sale of second-hand items across the groups. The internet has cut out profit hunting middlemen, allowing you to sell your second hand items online directly from home.
Today’s online vendors separate consumers into groups according to indexed categories, sending sellers a whittled down group of appropriate buyers. When you place items on sale, the internet gives you the potential to find buyers who overvalue items and are thus willing to pay far more for them. With this option, you can sell your second-hand items and search the public group to buy such products.Earlier this year, it was reported that Facebook has started supporting a new type of “buy and sell” groups where users can list their items along with the prices, pictures, place of availability and the description.

Re-purposed goods have created such a massive niche that recommence is now a part of first world culture. Today it takes little more than a five minute registration process to re-purpose old items. A single site may act as a retailer for products as diverse as fashion, decor, gadgets and tools, so you need visit only one vendor to sell a closet full of unwanted widgets.
A buyer who attaches sentimental value to that second hand book is generally willing to part with a significant chunk of income in exchange for personal value. The online marketplace operates according to its own economy, where demand is directly proportionate to the unique personal value individuals place on niche products. These categories include mobile phones, coins, clothes, health and beauty, automobiles and more.These products won’t be owned by Facebook, the social networking website will be just providing a platform to the users. With a public profile attached to an item, the buy and sell business of Facebook could become more trustworthy as compared to eBay and Craigslist where the sellers have some anonymity.TNW writes that this feature is under testing right now and it will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks.Did you like the idea of a second-hand goods shop on Facebook?

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