Chinese clone all the known brands and create cheaper and never better versions of the original one. This is also what Hawtai did: they copy pasted the Porsche Cayenne and added their logo on the front grill.
If you want to buy this Cayenne Clone you can choose a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmision and you can also opt for the four-wheel drive system.
I have a winch on our 08 that I fab'd a custom behind bumper bracket so it's hidden except for the fairlead. I can keep that in the back, or fab a compartment above the sway bar e-disco and it only weighs 27lbs.

As has already been said, it's a great backup to your winch and probably all you need if you're a stocker doing mild off-road.
With it, add a snatch strap, a tow strap, a tree saver and a couple D-rings and you're ready for almost anything you'd take a stock JK into. To be fair, in the electrical components manufacturing they’re doing quite a good job. The very first models of other known Chinese car manufactures like Geely or BYD or Dongfeng were almost identical clones of premium brands. I think these little workhorses are often scoffed at by too many people who don't know what they're missing.

The first version adopted a Bentley-like chromed fascia, but now it looks like the front of the Jaguar XJ. I got a nicer one with the synthetic rope for a little weight savings and easier to maintain than the cable. If you do order one, I recommend buying the extra handle and handle extension for easier pulling and just in case.

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