What is the HTC Desire 610?First reviewed May 2014The HTC Desire 610 has now been superseded by the HTC Desire 620.Having said it would extend its insanely short phone refresh cycle and stop releasing so many devices in 2012, HTC is doing the opposite and producing more phones than ever.
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Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. Product InformationThe Samsung Galaxy Note III SM-N900A is an Android smartphone that offers seamless multitasking. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Indeed, I never even kept a Bluetooth set and thus never bought an accessory for any feature phone. If you notice, it is the bare minimum and revolves around either protecting the phone or keeping it alive. Now, one can fill the phone with so many things from songs, videos to picture taken from the now good cameras (of higher MP thus bigger size) and of course, the apps.
Also, with curated playlists in mobiles, why would I take the effort of creating playlist for my car stereo? In your collage of mobile devices, there is one showing a red colored object stuck to the back of a grey iPhone looking device. The first thing you’ll notice about the Windows Phone 8S when you pick it up is how nicely sized it is and how comfortably it fits in the hand. In an age of 4.7” displays (and pushing up to the 5” size in 2013 to provide 1080p displays), there’s something refreshing about the fact that the Windows Phone 8S has a smaller 4” display. Apart from this over-riding sensation, there isn’t a whole heap else you need to know about the 8S’s design.
The camera is in the normal place on the unit’s rear cover, and there’s an unobtrusive speaker grille at the bottom of the back cover.
The screen of the 8S is a 4” super LCD model with Gorilla Glass for toughness, and it runs at WVGA resolution (800×480), which is not the greatest resolution, to be honest. The other major new feature which the Windows Phone 8X introduces – and one of its key selling points – is Windows Phone 8, the long-awaited successor to Windows Phone 7. Overall the featureset of the 8S is decent, but we really think HTC could have done a little bit of a better job here. There are probably three key areas which you’ll be interested in when it comes to the 8S’s performance: Camera, battery life and (given its reduced screen resolution) the quality of its screen. In terms of the 8S’s battery life, we found it pretty average — not amazing, but not terrible. We’re just going to say this flat out: In an age where most manufacturers have been focusing heavily on their pixels per inch rating, led initially by Apple with its so-called Retina Display, the 8S is a letdown. Having said that, most people won’t notice the resolution issue overly unless they’re looking for it. Look, we’re just going to say this up-front: The HTC Windows Phone 8S is a very decent little smartphone. The difficulty is that the Windows Phone 8S doesn’t really offer anything better than other smartphones out there.
If you absolutely want to stay in the Windows Phone ecosystem and you don’t want a huge screen as is found on the Windows Phone 8X or the Lumia 920, then the 8S becomes a viable option. We agree with the design experts at HTC that not everybody wants a huge screen on their smartphone, and we applaud the 8S for such a lovely overall design that feels lovely in the hand and in the pocket. For 129 bucks from telstra prepaid, it’s a pretty nice basic phone that does phone stuff well.
But if you want to go behind the scenes; if you want to gain insight into what’s really going on, you’ll need to become a Delimiter Member and gain access to our premium content, listed below. There are preinstalled applications for accessing YouTube, BBM, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
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Apps nowadays are over 1 GB sometimes (gaming ones especially) and you can fill your phone so easily with them.
A case for example has become a defacto to the extent that people buy it along with the phone itself most of the time. You have to remember that when smartphones (Android and iOS) initially came 3G was barely here. It’s a little smaller and lighter than its big brother, the 8X, and it doesn’t have some of the same high-level features. The handset has all of the normal inputs and outputs in all the normal places for an Android or Windows Phone handset.
The normal Windows back, ‘Windows’ and search capacitive buttons sit below the 8S’s screen, and there’s a small speaker grille above it, but no front-facing camera. This is a lovely model in the hand or pocket with all of the expected bits in all the right places. The model also allows the back cover to be removed so that an additional SD card can be added for extra storage, which we know some readers will like. No 4G speeds, a reduced quality camera, poor screen resolution and only a moderately specc’d processor and RAM rating means the 8S doesn’t play with the big boys when it comes to its specifications.
Leave aside any questions of physical performance in the hand; as we’ve previously mentioned in this review, the 8S is just lovely in the hand and in the pocket.
The 5 megapixel model found in the Windows Phone 8S is just a lesser order camera than these top-end models and you can see the difference. On the contrary, it’s very good, and we would still feel comfortable using it to take every type of normal photo which you’d consider taking with the camera on your phone. You’ll likely get through a couple of days of moderate use of the 8S before you need to charge it; and if you’re a heavy user, best get used to charging it every day. It’s not really a huge issue if you don’t notice these kinds of things, but if you do, you will notice it. The 8S has a nice enough screen that if you’re not a high-end user, you probably won’t notice the issue. Its processor is capable of dealing with the Windows Phone games out there, its operating system user interface is snappy and we didn’t have any issues with its general performance. It feels simply lovely in the hand, it has decent specifications and performs pretty well in practice. It lacks the specifications (such as 4G speeds, a high-end camera and high-end screen resolution) to compete with high-end models in the iOS, Android or Windows Phone ecosystems, and you can get more power for around the same price or a little more elsewhere.
However, the Lumia 820 has only a slightly larger screen than the 8S and comes with a range of other benefits, such as a better camera, support for 4G speeds and so on.
The physical design of the 8S is great, and we’re sure some people will pick it up for its looks alone. I think this will blow away the competition at the entry level for smartphones (or at least WP8 lol). The Motorola Moto G has raised the bar for budget smartphones and given they’ll cost you roughly the same amount the HTC Desire 610 needs to improve significantly on its predecessor if it’s to challenge Motorola’s superb bargain handset.HTC Desire 610 – DesignIf you don’t like big phones then you’ll want to steer clear because the design is by no means delicate.
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It allows you to store media files, user data and other documents on its 32 GB internal memory. On one hand they are almost as powerful as the low class laptops, with almost all the apps from productivity to games present along with features such as location monitoring and spatial understanding, phones have come a long way indeed. My Nexus has inbuilt 16 GB (and no card slot) and thus I have no need for external memory card though I could use one as I have filled the 16 GB.
What it feels like is about five years of design experience and learning about how smartphones are best built for hands, coalesced into one model is just lovely to fondle.
The camera is a five megapixel model, which ranks below the eight megapixel models which are more or less standard on high-end smartphones these days, and it supports 720p video recording. The battery is a moderately sized 1700 maAh model, and sound is done through the Beats Audio platform which HTC has licensed for its smartphones.
Most of these features were already available through Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms, and Windows Phone users have been waiting them for a long time for the Microsoft platform.
Of course, this doesn’t always mean a smartphone doesn’t perform well in practice; we’ll examine this in the following section of the review. On an overcast day, we took the following shots with the Windows Phone 8S and compared them with shots taken on the same day at the same time by Apple’s iPhone 5 and Nokia’s Lumia 920. In addition, this isn’t the kind of phone you can leave lying around on your desk for a week and expect it to still be functional when you come back to it.

Higher screen resolutions are one of the main and long-awaited benefits to come from Windows Phone 8, and we’re a little sad to see that this bump hasn’t come to the 8S. It’s also moderately priced; it’s available through Optus for nothing up-front on the company’s $35 monthly plan (minimum total cost of 24 months is $840). But this more streamlined design shouldn’t come at the cost of reducing features on the 8S, and that feels like what’s happened here.
Compared to other prepaid phones the specs are better and for a $279 phone you can’t really compare it to the 920’s $600+ camera can you?
The HTC Desire 610 comes in chunky two-tone plastic and is available in red, white or dark blue.
I was so fed-up with it that I gave feedbacks to HTC on its Facebook, its email, and to my service provider, Singtel, telling them about their failure to spot a lousy designed phone. With 3G gaining prominence most phones have shifted to 3G networks which consume battery with a renewed err… energy.
Of the three shots (and we took a few different shots with each phone and then picked the best one), the Windows Phone 8 has the grainiest and glariest shots, with slightly washed out colour, compared with the other two models.
With support for 4G speeds and a better camera, we could overlook the 8S’s outdated screen resolution and recommend it. The back is shiny and durable, resisting scratches pretty well, although we’ve noticed greasy fingerprints do tend to remain on the blue version we‘ve been testing.
In summary, the 8S has middle of the range battery life — helped, no doubt, by the fact that it doesn’t support 4G speeds and has a smaller screen than the top-end models. But without these features, we’re afraid the 8S is looking like a bit like an also-ran at this point.
As we’d expect from a budget phone it doesn’t feel as premium as the plastic on higher-end models like the iPhone 5C or the higher-end Lumia phones, but it does feel very solid.The sides and front use a matt plastic which provides extra grip, preventing the HTC Desire 610 from slipping through your fingers. Puedes ver como es en este video: El otro modelo que veremos en CES 2015 sera el Acer Liquid Z410. The two-tone design also gives the handset a stylish charm.Unfortunately a lot of this charm is dwarfed by the sheer size of the phone. I switched off its 4G to control the battery drain and also the data size consumed as I only have 2GB of data bundle. But in our eyes the 4mm bezels on the side of the screen age the design and make the HTC Desire 610 look less contemporary than it should – it’s clear that HTC focussed its major design efforts on the One M8.Despite its size the Desire 610 is easy to hold.
Debajo de la camara tiene un panel tactil para poner en marcha ciertas apps con un solo dedo. Existen diferentes configuraciones, con pantallas en super alta resolucion 1440p, o en Full HD 1080p, protegidas por Gorilla Glass 3, con tecnologias antihuella y antireflectante.Ademas de los mencionados Intel Core de quinta generacion, incorporan hasta 8 GB de RAM, y discos duros de hasta 1 TB SSD con soporte RAID-0.
Thankfully, while the 236 pixels per inch density is not very high, colour accuracy is decent and so are viewing angles. Both videos and pictures look good and contrast is strong enough to let details become apparent even in dimly lit scenes. Las bisagras permiten girar la pantalla hacia adelante o hacia atras con un angulo de 180 grados.
We’re particularly pleased that there’s no sign of oversaturated colours – a fad which seems to be afflicting an increasing number of phones and tablets over the last few years.Brightness levels are not outstanding but are acceptable.
Con displays en super alta resolucion 1440p, o en Full HD 1080p, protegidos por Gorilla Glass 2. Even on a surprisingly sunny London weekend the screen was visible enough at full brightness to be usable even, though the thin lines of the touch screen layer become visible at certain angles.Yet there’s no getting away from the lack of sharpness.
Although it’s apparent in video when compared to a 720p screen, it’s when looking at text that you’re more likely to notice it’s not quite as sharp as some phones that cost a fair bit less. Tambien envia el audio en formato inalambrico a auriculares, altavoces o barras de sonido, via Bluetooth.Ofrece resolucion Full HD 1080p y es compartible con la tecnologia Blu-ray 3D. Saldra a la venta en marzo a un precio de 999€.El ultimo producto de referencia que presentara en CES 2015 sera el centro de entretenimiento Revo One RL85.
Se trata de un reproductor multimedia capaz de reproducir contenido Ultra HD o 4K, con soporte para pantalla dual (HDMI y Mini DisplayPort).
Tambien incorpora varios puertos USB, lector de tarjetas SD, y acceso a Internet, con almacenamiento en la nube.

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