If you are picking out a new handbag, there are some few major things to be considered:The color.
With locations in Siam Square and Central Rama 9, Lena the BrandName House is well-regarded by connoisseurs of designer handbags, watches and accessories.
This is a second hand leather store with a bit of different take, because not all the bags here are from well-known designers.
Perched on the Louis XIV inspired sofa at the centre of this impeccably displayed bag shop you will find the owner of Labellist Bangkok, a friendly lady who has a passion for bags, in particular the Hermes Kelly and Birkin, hard to find names that people have known to fight over in the past. It was the classic trench coat that first put this historic English fashion house on the map, but these days the brand is just as easily identifiable for its famous Burberry Tartan. Since the 20th century, Burberry has designed trench coats for well known names like Roald Amundsen (the first man to reach the South Pole), Polar explorer Ernest Shackelton and George Mallory who summited Mount Everest. In recent years, the brand has managed to stay relevant by becoming a favourite of celebrities across the board – from rappers to royals. The focus of the Burberry brand has definitely been extended way beyond trench coats to include other brands underneath the Burberry umbrella. Thomas Burberry did not only launch the fashion house Burberry, he was also the founder of the tightly woven fabric gabardine in 1879. Through our regular (and much loved) Hello Vendor profiles we have introduced you to some rather talented industry professionals just plugging away day in and day out, doing what they do to make your wedding every bit as awesome as you want it to be. Tell us a little bit about your background? I studied a Bachelor Arts Communications Degree at uni graduating after 3 years. My last role was as a Digital Account Manager specialising in on line video and multimedia. How did you get into the recycled wedding dress game? After my last role was made redundant at the end of 2011 (and after planning my own wedding in May of that year), I gathered up all my skills and prior knowledge I’d gained in my previous roles and put everything into my preloved bridal gown business which is my true passion! Talk us through your typical day in the office. As a new first time mum, I find early mornings are a great time to respond to email enquiries and clear out my inbox! What kind of dresses do you stock? Our current range includes popular Australian and international bridal designers including Helen English, Karen Willis Holmes, Pronovias, Annessia, Stewart Parvin, Grace Loves Lace and Mira Mandic to name a few. Whats the advantage of buying a recycled dress? You can take home an original designer gown in pristine condition while saving up to half of the price if purchased new, which means you can put towards other items for your wedding. Find out about upcoming events like bridal fairs, trunk shows and workshops in your home state!
Ich bin Evelyn Herzog-Rechberger und freue mich, Sie auf meiner Webseite begru?en zu durfen.
Mir ist es ein Anliegen, meinen Kunden nur zeitgema?e Designer Kleidung, Luxus Handtaschen, exclusive Schuhe und modische Accessoires, sowie hochwertige Tucher, Sonnenbrillen u.
Aufgrund meiner langjahrigen Erfahrung mit dem Handel von Designer Waren werde ich Sie als kompetente Stilberaterin bestmoglich beraten. I always have an idea of what to wear to at the Christmas party, but I often fail to find the right dress because Shopping for that perfect Christmas outfit can be extremely stressful process especially in store.
The first cute Christmas party dress which I selected was this gorgeous little sparkling sequined dress which appears to be quite figure hugging and covered in sparkling gemstones.

To compliment, this cute little dress heine have wonderfully  put it together with a soft figure-hugging leather biker styled jacket in pastel pink. I can imagine certainly feeling like the bell of the ball or a little Sex in the City when I arrive in one of these cute Christmas dresses, I would apply a little fake tan and wear my 20″ halo hair piece and do my utmost best to compliment these wonderful looking festive outfits. In case this is your first designer purse, you not necessarily need to choose a coloration just due to the fact that you assume it is fantastic in the summer months as a bright. From the exterior these little boutiques may not look like much, but anyone with an expert eye for fashion will recognise the handbags and clutches that hide behind the glass, protected from the touch of mere mortals. We checked out the Siam Square store, because the area is far more fun to shop in, even if it is a little less air-conditioned than the mall. In fact, most of them are obscure names or brands that no longer exist, with some of the items on display deserving of the shop’s moniker.
Items in the windows are displayed more like artefacts in a museum, and to anyone who loves designer handbags it is a real feast for the eyes. Names like Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, Kate Middelton and George Craig have all been spotted rocking their Burberry classics. Have a look at our online store today for exclusive second hand designer clothes that won’t cost you the earth!
Prior to this I was a Webcast Production Manager involved in live corporate events and I’ve also worked in the Marketing and Communications space in the corporate finance sector.
I always knew the corporate world wasn’t for me, and with the encouragement from my husband, family and friends, making the transition into selling second hand wedding gowns and becoming a new business owner just felt right!
I generally make appointments for the upcoming week with client sellers and buyers then jump onto my social media pages to find and share my bridal inspiration (I’m slightly addicted to Pinterest!). All of our gowns are taken on consignment and range from size 6 to 16 while we are selective as to the types of styles we accept, i.e. You only wear your wedding gown for one day (and a maximum of eight hours!) only to have it dry cleaned and stored away for years, so why justify spending thousands of dollars when you can still look your glamorous best in a recycled dress!? I generally end up fighting through the Christmas Shopping crowds frantically looking through rack after rack of clothing just searching for that one outfit to make me feel special. This little cute dress is tailored to sit just above the knee  allowing you to show your legs off in style.
Teaming this dress with the suggested Lamb Nappa Leather jacket in my favourite colour Grey. The sandals have a really luxurious, glamorous look with a Roman style design, stiletto heel and back zip fastener. We were very impressed with the brands on offer, with Louis Vuitton coming top of the pack in terms of variety and selection. Some of our favourite bags that were artfully arranged in the main window included a bold Chanel cushioned bag in primary colours, a Philip Lim mini and a fabulous collection of earrings, cuffs and scarves from well-known fashion houses. Even fewer would have believed that, after all this time, a 155 year old fashion house could still be named as one of the top 100 global brands of 2011.

Today, it is Harry Potter star Emma Watson that is the face being charged with taking Burberry into the future. Then there’s the tasks of keeping my website and on-line gown gallery up-to-date, photographing dresses as they come in and just all the fun admin stuff that goes with owning a business! If fighting through a large number of shoppers was not hard enough queuing at the checkout frustrates me too, go figure! There is a concealed zip at the rear so you don’t have to worry about it ruining your elegant appearance whilst having a little festive fun.
The jacket itself would personally see me all the way through to spring &  summer which is a great  investment. A trendy fashionable biker jacket in a super soft fabric with Zip up fasteners on the sleeves, sides and breast pockets.
As soon as you size up your love for the manufacturer you will become more risky and go for the pinks, blues, oranges etc!
In fact if the price seems too good to be true, it could be that the item isn’t real either! Whether you want the traditional canvas bags, or the famous vernis, LV fans will be in monogrammed heaven.
The collection is sourced from Japan, Europe and right here in Thailand, so you are guaranteed to find a wide range of goodies.
Once you get inside, the shop is bright and airy with a high ceiling and shelves lined with bags in all different shapes and sizes.
We’ve tracked down five second hand bag stores in Bangkok that you can trust, that come with a good reputation and a great range of goods.
Knowledgeable fashionistas will speak to Tid, the owner, and reserve the items that are due in store over the next few weeks. Some of the bags are brand new, so be sure to ask to see the second hand and vintage bags which are much more affordable. Designers work really hard to construct recent and interesting designs, thereby it would be better for you to support them.
By choosing a replica you will be supporting those that are continuously striving to rob real creators. But bear in mind that the best method to find a n excelent hand bag online is to buy from a trustworthy site with a long prehistory of distributing designer purses.

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