Unsorted second hand clothes (Original)Items are packed into small variegated packs which wieght is 4-10 kg. European-made clothing, American sports jerseys and designer labels are all offered at discount prices, turning second-hand markets like this into a prime destination for cheap garments. Africa, particularly west Africa, has been buying Western cast-offs since trade was liberalised in the Eighties. In Britain alone, more than ?60 billion is spent on clothes every year but the reusing culture has died over the years and the old clothes end up being sold In Africa.
One country that takes more of these cast offs than any other is Ghana and very year, 30,000 tons of used clothing arrives on the docks of the capital, Accra.
In the beginning, it appears to be a win-win situation for everyone involved; Western charities receive much-needed revenue, African buyers with weak purchasing power get low-priced, well-made clothing, and merchants find eager customers for their merchandise. But some experts say that the mass influx of cheap hand-me-downs from the West could have a much more negative impact. Unfortunately the long-term effect is that countries such as Malawi or Mozambique or Zambia can’t really establish or protect their own clothing industries if they are importing second-hand goods. The introduction of trade-liberalization policies and the opening of economies in the 1980s and 1990 allowed both second-hand and cheap new imports, especially from Asian countries, to enter markets across the continent of Africa despite having the textile industry as relatively easy to develop. The number of textile and clothing workers in Africa more so In Ghana have fell by 80 per cent between 1975 and 2000.
For many young and budding designers across Africa’s fashion industry, this curtails local new-clothing production and prevents their sector from growing. A positive outcome is that, there is a major awareness of this problem and some countries including South Africa and Nigeria have to some extent banned imports of second-hand clothes as a means of protecting local markets.
Honestly these efforts alone will not protect the local markets until we actually first grow the manufacturing and production side of the business locally making room for home made products.

In my own opinion, second-hand clothing maintains the status quo, and It does not help the poor get richer, it just keeps things as they are at the moment. Africa Cup of Nations In Numbers Thomas Sankara, Is he The Man That Changed The Game in Africa? By providing a high quality service we hope to build long term business relationships with all our clients. We aim to process all order requests as soon as possible, but please be aware that our stock levels are subject to change very quickly depending on the size of the previous order! Please note that we do not provide transport or shipping but we are able to advise the customer regarding transport links in the UK. We are happy to arrange an appointment in order to discuss in more detail, information regarding purchasing, shipping and pricing terms.
And like many of us I assumed they ended up on the rails of high street charity shops and were bought by people searching for a bargain.
Used clothes represent more than half of the clothing market in most sub-Saharan countries, with 81 per cent of clothes in Uganda, for instance, being second-hand.
One would say you can go to the market and buy a lot of second hands shirts, but when you go to the shop, you buy only one or two therefore prefering to go to the market and buy the used ones. As small fish In the big game, it makes it very difficult to compete thus dampening the people’s ideas. We have availability to supply you with unsorted door to door collections on regular basis or when you require. The amount of clothing available on a monthly basis is dependent upon and amount and frequency of our clothing orders. Unsorted second hand clothes (brand) are collected DOOR TO DOOR principle, assuring good quality from England and Ireland.

The quality of clothing is very good, you will find Cream, A grades and no rubbish, wet or dirty items in the bags.
Some clients require 50,000 kilograms plus of clothing per month, while others may only require only 1000 kilograms. Sorted second hand clothes We sell English sorted clothes We sell only highest quality (CREAM) mixes. Everyday you need money to pay for the table, buy food, transport and all other costs,” said Mark Mukwa at Harare Central Police Station flea market.“You are lucky if you can gross $50 in a day.
Considering that there was a time when it was normal to gross $350 in less than a day, that tells you the situation. The only person benefiting is the client because at the end of the day you just sell the clothes at whatever you can get. But for now, we cannot just act on information that we read in the paper.”Police Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said arrests of smugglers by the police are happening. But these flea markets really make business difficult,” said a tailor at Polack House who specialises in menswear who identified himself as Musoni.And the gender equation balances on both sides as well.
Women are also affected on both sides of the divide as traders in second hand clothing and tailors.Omega Mupandenyama who makes women’s and children’s wear at Robinson House said importation of second hand clothes has negatively impacted on her business as targeted customers tend to shun buying locally produced goods in favour of these second hand foreign garments.
She applauded the Ministers directive adding that will promote the local production of goods.“Business has become difficult as second hand clothes are still flooded the market. Customers shun our products in favour of second hand clothes even though we try to sell them at reasonable prices.

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