I’ve been riding the Vespa GTS 300 scooter for a few months now and recently been thinking about moving up to a motorcycle, I love the Vespa, but the long commute and lack of top-speed gets a bit frustrating, especially when you want to ride out of trouble and there isn’t enough grunt left to help you. Being on a LAMS license, my choice of motorcycles is limited, and with a small budget, new models are out of the question, so with the help of gumtree, my search began. After weeks of searching, I finally found and bought a 2009 Honda CB400 Super Four, and having ridden it for a few days I absolutely love it.

Also with just a 5lt the fuel tank, and being a lazy git, it’s getting annoying having to fill her up every other day. I don’t particularly like sports bike, prefer naked bikes with upright seating positions, which limits my choices again. Its got grunt, its got the speed (top end), its got the looks, it’s nimble, it’s steady, and its black… with a touch of gold!

If I lived and worked near the city then I wouldn’t even think about changing, but living 30km away from the CBD and mostly on straight dual carriageways, I need something bigger.

What to invest 500k in
Uv 194 bulb pigtail

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