Quality building work and great service, that Carmichaels has been providing the South and South West Wales area since 1978. Mr & Mrs Cox - "We asked Carmichaels to carry out our loft conversion, after seeing the one they did for our neighbours. The proposed loft conversion exceeds 40 cubic meters in the case of a terraced house or 50 cubic meters in any other case.
There's a restriction via the property deeds or conditions attached to a previous planning permission.
The loft conversion does not amount to more than 40 cubic meters in the case of a terraced house or 50 cubic meters in any other case.
When finished, all our work is fully guaranteed and officially certified, and you will receive all the completion certificates to verify that your home improvement has been completed to comply with all the current legislation. AppointmentMake an appointment for Carmichaels to survey, discuss your requirements and discuss 'budget costs' based on this information.
DrawingsWhen happy with the budget costings then we arrange our in house loft designer to meet and create drawings for planning approval, structural calculations etc, through discussions with the client.
CertificationWork completed and a final completion certificate is handed over by the building control officer.
A Simple Guide to your conversion process; these times can be longer or shorter, depending on size and complexities of your conversion but represent an average timescale. This means sealing off the upstairs, digging a quick hole to the outside world so the works upstairs will not interfere with you existing living space. This means building the outside of the structure, cutting a hole, placing struts and drainage. Access to the new loft is created by punching a hole though the new loft, and installing the staricase.
With all the bits in place, the final step is to plaster the walls, and fix the plugs, taps, ceramics etc.. Builders in the Swanesa, Sketty, Carmarthenshire, Llanelli, Tumble, Crosshands, Ammanford, Garnant, Crosshands, Penygroes, Mumbles, LLandeilo, Llandovery area. 1) Erect working scaffolding and create roof opening for independant access to the loft space. In August 2011, Granada Home Improvements were approached by the producers of the BBC Two and CBBC childrens series "I Want My Own Room!" to convert a garage for their show.
In order to do this job (which only a week earlier seemed almost impossible!) we had to fully staff-up the job from the very start and start the front blockwork, side window bricking up and internal work simultaneously. Great progress was made in the first 12 hours, with the front blocked up and the window bricked up as well as the floor almost complete by nightfall. While pure adrenaline can you get you through night one, it was impressive to see the level of commitment and professionalism displayed once daylight hit for the second shift.
With these last jobs the work was finally complete, the building inspector passed off the job according to building regulations, and the curtain came down on surely the most unique garage conversion ever carried out!
Day three of the drive rebuild, but the weather forecast is not good, so no concrete pouring today.

This entry was posted in News, Studio and tagged Big Ted, Clara, Pool on 21 July 2013 by Big Ted. Today we made some progress on the studio, with the electricians Gavin and Tyler completing most of the second fix electrics.  Of course I helped out and gave them the benefit of my experience. This entry was posted in Studio and tagged Big Ted, Second Fix, Studio on 15 July 2013 by Big Ted. Big Ted the charity fundraising bear and rock and roll superstar is currently traumatised after a routine marketing and publicity trip to Bristol Aquarium turned sour. Earlier Big Ted had be pointing out the attractions to his marketing and support group who were in attendance at the time of the attack, unaware of the drama which was to follow. This entry was posted in News and tagged Big Ted, Bristol Aquarium, Terra Attack on 22 June 2013 by Admin. This entry was posted in Studio and tagged Big Ted, Render, Studio on 19 June 2013 by Big Ted. No work on the rendering yesterday due to the weather.  Interestingly, bears and plasterers don’t like the rain much!
Today we put on some of the mesh corners round the windows and doors.  Of course I let the people do the hard stuff while I gave useful hints and helped holding up the Bell Cast Bead.
This entry was posted in News, Studio and tagged Big Ted, Render on 12 June 2013 by Big Ted.
This entry was posted in News and tagged Big Ted, Scratch, Studio on 10 June 2013 by Big Ted. Today the Bears and I went on a road trip with Hero, to help him preparing the team Land Rover for the Help for Heroes Rally. This entry was posted in Help for Heroes, News and tagged Big Ted, H4HRally, Hero on 8 June 2013 by Big Ted. Today is first fix electrics, and I went through the specifications with John and Phil the electricians to make sure everything was installed correctly. The bears helped me install some network cabling to make sure we can get a good broadband connection to upload our music and video tracks. This entry was posted in News and tagged Angus, Bears, Big Ted, First Fix, Fritz, Studio on 6 June 2013 by Big Ted.
The fitting out of the building shell continues getting ready for first fix electrics.  Lots of wood and screws for me to organize and make sure that my people keep the workforce supplied with refreshments. This entry was posted in News, Studio and tagged Angus, Big Ted, Fritz on 31 May 2013 by Big Ted. Our expertise and experience will take you through all the steps, from concept and design stage to the completed project.
The new floor with means cutting away and creating new struts and support for the new deck layer. This means that all cables, and pipes for heating, en suite, ceiling lights need to be run at this stage. The staircase will probably be fitted in parts on site with some prefab but will need to fit through the front door.

The goal was to convert an existing garage into a comfortable space for Dean by the end of Sunday night. We had only the weekend to fully convert the garage and to have it ready for decorating and furnishing. The most crucial part of the entire project was undoubtedly the week leading up to the start of the garage conversion.
Not to mention the lads had already had a full day's work behind them at this point, so everyone would have to pull each other through to keep spirits high. The name Spa implies bubbles and hot water, and somehow we had been lead to believe that it would be bigger than it is.  Clara was quite underwhelmed too! While checking out the creatures in the Amazon section he was attacked by a rogue Terrapin which tried to drag him into the pool. The Terrapin is reported to have returned to the Amazon tank without making any comment, and non the worse for the encounter. This bead, also known as Render Stop Bead, forms and protects the lower edge of the external render.
I have been helping plasterers Keith and Mathew putting the first code of render (the scratch coat) on to the new studio.
The rally follows the path of the the Allied Invasion through Europe following the landing in France early on D-Day morning 6th June 1944. Fritz measured and cut the lengths of cable, Angus coiled the tails up in the roof space to keep things tidy, while I pulled through to the wall locations. During one of the tea breaks I managed to get my zen head on and think about making some music in this new space. All initial work is carried out through the roof so the main living area of the house is left undisturbed until the final 2-3 weeks. We were going to have to work through the night to get this job done in time, not to mention the many pauses that are inevitably required when working on a TV set. Because this garage conversion would be taking place over the course of the weekend, with large amounts of the work being carried out during the night, it was essential that all of the materials, down to the last screw were ordered and ready for the team on site. Morale was kept high and despite the difficulty of working through the night everyone onsite performed superbly. Particular credit should go again to Craig for driving the team forward to make sure everything was going according to plan.
There was simply no margin for error and Craig (one of our site managers and also a company director) called upon his vast experience of garage conversions, to ensure everything was ready. Thank you all at Carmichaels for carrying out the works so professionally from start to finish.

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