5 Second Fix is the liquid plastic welding compound that fixes just about anything in seconds.
Throw away the glue and adhesive, and forget that gooey, sticky mess on your fingers and clothing. This pen-like tool combines liquid plastic with a powerful UV light to form a permanent bond. It repairs just about anything!A  Perfect for fixing plastic, metal, wood, glass, leather and more. 5 Second Fix is the new plastic repair epoxy that only cures when you shine a UV light on it! For me, the ability to fix something with epoxy is a good thing, but I always hated how I had a very short time window before my epoxy set. When ordered from the official 5 Second Fix website, you’ll get 2 tubes of 5 Second Fix with bonus carrying case for $19.99!

At the time of this writing, the lowest price for 5 Second Fix is via the official 5 Second Fix website.
5 second Fix is covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the cost of shipping and handling.
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It is a super powered liquid plastic welding compound that you can use to quickly and easily make permanent seals and repairs.
Because the bonding compound seals with the power of UV light, you can position and reposition your repair before welding. Now you can repair an item with a clear, flexible bond thata€™s actually sandable and paintable.
Since ita€™s not a glue or common adhesive, it will not become sticky on fingers or clothing.

Because it seals with UV light, you can position and reposition your repair until ita€™s perfectly situated.
But with 5 Second Fix, I can position and reposition my project as many times as I want and it won’t set until I shine the UV light on it! So if you’re ready to do some repairs and want a fun new way to doit, be sure to click on that big yellow box below to get YOUR 5 Second Fix now!
Unlike glue or other messy adhesives, you can position and reposition your repair until ita€™s perfect for welding.
This super powered compound lets you restore figurines, crafts, even furniture back to new.

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