Azon Direct to Garment printers (DTG) adopts digital printing mode that can be used as a substitute of screen printing and transfer printing.
Azon Tex Pro is cost effectively digital printing system that contains 4 CMYK and 4 whites with an intelligent laser beam print head protection. Print high quality prints in high resolution up to 1440 dpi on different models and with different custom platens directly on fabric with amazing speed up to 50 light shirts or 15 dark shirts per hour. There is no more need for thousands of garments pieces per run to make the printing process profitable.

They obtain color printing without plate making or repeated color register, while are highly waterproof and wearing resistant.
Azon water-based white ink is specially developed for printing on dark garments by creating a solid surface on the printing area before applying the CMYK inks.
Azon Tex Pro allows short and medium runs as well as personalized and variable data printing. With Azon DTG you can print beautiful full-color prints on light and dark colored textiles like: t-shirts, towels, jeans, aprons, bags or else, with superb adhesion of ink.

This white layer is digitally applied directly onto the desired location on the garment, allowing to immediately apply the CMYK colors.

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