Windshield wiper arcs, as well as scratches in tempered glass - even the windows of buildings - can be removed quickly and safely, and to your 100% satisfaction.
Stains from acid wash, hard water or runoff can easily be removed, and the window restored like new. Scratched Glass Repair + Glass Restoration is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. A The kit is designed to be used with a standard electric drill with  a recommended speed of upto 2000 rpm. Amazing product, was a bit spectical at first as my back rear windscreen is tinted, but with this product the scratches I had on the screen were removed easily.

The Glass Repair is no different, like magic the scratches disappear in front of your eye with little effort. I have the new LCI M5 and found a curved scratch on the rear window (this was 8" long) , in the Sun looking in the rear view mirror it looked really bad. I had a 2 inch wide full wiper arc of a scratch due to being lazy and not replacing old blades after the bad winter.
Removing the scratches and polishing to optical clarity will restore visibility and strength to the glass. That left the metal wiper arm in direct contact with the glass and a fairly heavy scratch developed. I was a bit sceptical but thought I'd give the Scratch Doctor Glass Repair a try before forking out hundreds for a new screen.

I ordered the Scratch Doctor kit and followed the instructions shown in the online video and those included with the kit. One additional step that helped was to trace the scratch on the inside of the car with a felt marker in order to better see where to work. Once set up (5 mins) it took about an hour of polishing before the entire arc scratch had disapeared!!

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