Germicidal ultraviolet (UV) air filtration products are used all over the world to control pathogens. Shipping: Because shipping on these units depends on your location, our shopping cart is not able to automatically calculate the shipping. DVD version (165 MB)= After downloading the file, double click the compressed file to automatically open it. An ideal solution for central HVAC systems, a Healthy Climatea„? Germicidal Light installs easily into your return air ductwork or above the air conditioner evaporator coil. Whatever problem you're having with your home's air, you'll find the perfect Healthy ClimateA® solution.
The Sun & UV Rays The Sun delivers specific UV wavelengths that destroy and deactivate biological and chemical contaminants that are introduced into the atmosphere. Reducing the temperature of air flows to a level below the ambient temperature requires a coil charged with refrigerants. Cooling systems that rely on refrigerants require a linked pair of evaporating (or DX - for Direct eXpansion) and condensing units.
The efficiency of this arrangement depends on the types and thickness of metal used, the integrity of the bond between tubes and fins, and the number and the layout of the tubes and fins. Hot gas bypass coils admit variable amounts of compressed refrigerant vapour (at a high temperature and pressure) into the coil - the more gas the lower the duty because less liquid refrigerant can evaporate. The cart will input a number based on the amount of your order, and we will contact you with the correct shipping amount. Mounted above the cooling coil, it sterilizes the surface, preventing mold and bacteria growth.

Just like the Sun’s UVC and UVV rays, Sanuvox UV Systems produce the exact same UV wavelengths, bringing the same natural process into homes and buildings. UVC & UVV light The UVC (254 nm) and UVV (187 nm) light produced by Sanuvox UV Systems are the same two UV wavelengths produced by the Sun. The high-efficiency patented design destroys airborne bio-chemical contaminants while providing important user information on the LED (SR+ model) or 3” Back-Lit LCD display (R+model).
It extracts heat energy from a stream of air and passes it to the refrigerant within the coil as quickly and efficiently as possible.
As the refrigerant passes between them, it alteates between vapour and liquid phases in a continuous cycle. The latent heat of vaporisation is the term used to describe the energy that the refrigerant needs to change from the liquid to the vapour state. Here it gives up its energy and retus to the liquid state before flowing back to the DX coil.
The tubes run back and forth between two end-plates in an arrangement that lets the air flow perpendicular to the tubes. A crucial aspect of DX coil design is arranging tube lengths and bends to create identical flows through parallel coil circuits. Each tube circuit is separate and can be switched on or off to increase or decrease the duty of the coil.
When they operate at 257 nanometers, they make germicidal UV (also called UVC), a powerful bactericide and virucide.
For the most effective whole-house purification, combine the Germicidal Light with a PureAira„? Air Purification System.

In-Duct Sanuvox UV Air Purification Systems continuously destroy the bio-chemical contaminants as they circulate through the home, resulting in a true whole-home air treatment system.
The UVC wavelength attacks the micro-organism on a molecular level deactivating and destroying the contaminant while the UVV wavelength oxidizes the chemicals and odors into odorless inoffensive by-products. The tubes pass through - and are attached to - a layered array of thin metal plates known as fins. The fins are also perpendicular to the tubes, which means they lie parallel to the direction of air flow. Our skill lies in pulling all those elements together to make a coil that's right for your application. In the first stage, the unit uses photo oxidation (ozone), eliminating odors such as those from pets, chemicals, cooking, paint, perfume and tobacco smoke. Then, the air and a small amount of ozone pass by germicidal UV, which reduces more than 99% of organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew. The combination UVC & UVV wavelengths incorporated into one Lamp make biological, chemical and odor destruction possible.
This portion of the UV spectrum also changes residual ozone back into oxygen (view diagram).
Features high-intensity UV lamp inside an aluminum reflector tube to intensify the UV energy; LED display.

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