Be sure to ask repair shop if they provide fusion when you request Samsung Galaxy phone  glass replacement service. Manufactured from specialized tempered glass, this truly HD screen protector not only offers you a 99.9% transparent shield over your Samsung Galaxy S4’s device, but it’s also build to withstand some of the most brutal impacts. We get many questions if it is possible to replace broken glass only if the display and digitizer is working.

Many repair shop who learned to repair from watching YouTube are able to replace the glass without fusion. Its ballistic glass build makes it 5x tougher than your average screen protector and the safe-break bonding construction prevents it from shattering into hazardous pieces.
Without fusion, user might have a problem using the phone with touch screen as  glass replacement without fusion creates a gap between glass and digitizer.

But not only is Tech Glass tough, it also features an electrically coated oleophobic layer to help prevent and resist fingerprints, oil, smudges and dirt.

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